Maruti introduces Alto 800 VXI variant with more features

Maruti has introduced a new variant of the popular Maruti Alto 800. It now comes in VXI trim, which is positioned above the so-far top-end Maruti Alto 800 LXI variant. The Maruti Alto VXI variant is priced at Rs. 3.17 lakh (for metallic paint) and Rs. 3.13 lakh (non-metallic colour) ex-showroom Delhi.

The Maruti Alto 800 VXI, at the moment, is available only as a petrol variant, and it doesn’t appear to have an airbag option or a CNG variant. Those two options are only available with the Maruti Alto LXI variant as of now (the Maruti Alto LXI with driver airbag option is priced at Rs. 3.19 lakh, while the CNG variant is priced at Rs. 3.61 lakh). Also read: New Maruti Alto 800 road test and review 

Maruti introduces Alto 800 VXI variant with more features

What does the Maruti Alto 800 VXI have?

So what are the additional features you get with the Maruti Alto 800 VXI variant compared to the LXI variant? You get four power windows instead of two. You also get manual central locking and full wheel caps, as well as two rear-view mirrors. There are no other add-ons as such, besides the badging on the boot. Also read: Is the Nano more practical than Alto?

This is a bit of a curious case of introducing a variant, which has a couple of more convenience features such as two extra power windows and central locking, and of course, the inclusion of a left-hand side rear view mirror that is a necessity for city traffic. But, it has left out key safety features such as the optional driver’s airbag that the LXI comes with and the option of fitting a CNG kit for those looking at low running costs.

These additional features that have been introduced in the Maruti Alto VXI variant, which costs about Rs. 14,000 more than the LXI variant are not really value for money, and a buyer would be better off buying the LXI variant with the airbag option, and adding these additional features such as central locking and extra power windows aftermarket. The only reason to pick the Alto 800 VXI would be that these features are factory fitted and hence there are no grey areas around vehicle warranty. Also read: Best first cars for beginners