Maruti Jimny 5-door spied testing in Ladakh with Grand Vitara & Mahindra Thar [Video]

Jimny has been one of the most anticipated products from Maruti Suzuki for Indian market. After a long wait, we have started seeing test mules of India-bound Maruti Jimny in India. Recently couple of Maruti Jimny SUVs were spotted testing in Ladakh with Maruti’s newly launched Grand Vitara and a Mahindra Thar. Maruti Suzuki has been testing the new Jimny in India for some time and it looks the SUV is likely to be launched in the market next year. As we all know by now, India will not be getting the 3-door version but a much more practical 5-door version of Jimny in the market.

The video has been recorded in the dash cam of a car that was passing through one of the roads in Ladakh. In this short video by bhukkad.journeys on Instagram, a group of vehicles can be seen coming towards the car which is recording the video. The video shows not one but two Maruti Suzuki Jimny SUVs under heavy camouflage. They quickly cross the vehicle and just behind them is a Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and a Mahindra Thar. The Maruti Jimny seen in the video are both 5-door versions. 3-door version of Suzuki Jimny is manufactured in India but, it is only meant for export.

Jimny 3-door is a very small vehicle and that is one of the reason why Maruti is not launching it in India. It is not all practical and can only seat 2-people comfortably. To resolve this issue, Maruti decided to work on a much more practical 5-door version of Jimny for Indian market. When compared to the 3-door versions, the 5-door Jimny looks slightly bigger and also comes with a longer wheelbase. It would easily offer more space for second row passenger and much more usable boot space. In terms of design, the Maruti Jimny 5-door is most likely to look the same as the 3-door version.

Maruti Jimny 5-door spied testing in Ladakh with Grand Vitara & Mahindra Thar [Video]

In the video, Jimny is seen with a Mahindra Thar. As we all-know, Thar is currently the most popular 3-door 4×4 SUV available in the market. It looks like Maruti was benchmarking Jimny with Mahindra Thar. When launched, Jimny will compete with the like of Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha in the segment. When compared to Mahindra Thar, Maruti Jimny is likely to get a much more basic looking cabin with a basic layout. We won’t be surprised if the dashboard is the same as the 3-door version. The SUV will gets twin pod analog cluster with an MID in the center. The steering wheel would be the same as we saw in recently launched Grand Vitara and it would get a touchscreen infotainment system, power windows and AC.

The seats are likely to get fabric upholstery. Maruti Jimny 5-door will be a proper 4×4 SUV just like its 3-door version. The engine used in this SUV would be the same as many other Marutis. It will be a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine which would come with a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. It will gets a low and high ratio transfer case. It needs to be seen if Maruti will introduce a 2WD version of Jimny to price competitively.