Maruti Jimny drive impressions after installing 31 inch tyres & suspension lift kit [Video]

Deliveries for the Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door have already started in India. It is currently the only 4×4 SUV sold by Maruti in India. People have already started modifying the Jimny, and one of the most common types of modifications we have been seeing on this SUV is aftermarket alloy wheels. While some of these modifications improve the off-road capability of the vehicle, others are purely for looks, which often alters the handling and ride quality.

We have a video of a Maruti Jimny where the owner discusses the experience after installing 31-inch tires and a suspension lift kit. The video has been uploaded by TreadTrails on their YouTube channel. In this video, the Jimny owner tests the car’s behavior after installing the suspension lift kit and 31-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires. It should be noted that the owner did not opt for larger alloy wheels but instead installed the 31-inch tires on 15-inch steel rims, completely transforming the car’s appearance. The video mentions the the new setup offers 2 inch lift to the vehicle.

The owner begins by testing the acceleration, mentioning that there is approximately a 6 percent speedometer error, which is common when upgrading tires or wheels. The owner drives the car on wet roads and reaches speeds of up to 100 km/h on the speedometer. Although the SUV is not the quickest, it performs well at high speeds. The owner also tests the brakes on wet roads, and the SUV comes to a stop smoothly without any issues, including screeching sounds or drama. The owner expresses great satisfaction with the car’s behavior.

Maruti Jimny drive impressions after installing 31 inch tyres & suspension lift kit [Video]
Jimny with 31 inch tyres

Next, the owner conducts an acceleration test on the SUV. He notes that the 31-inch wheels are indeed heavier than stock, affecting acceleration. However, the car is able to reach 100 km/h without struggle, with the engine revving at 2,800 rpm while cruising at that speed on the speedometer. He also talks about the 4-speed automatic transmission in the video. He can he heard saying that even after installing bigger wheels, the transmission does not feel laggy and it behaves the way driver wants to. After evaluating acceleration and braking, the vlogger takes the SUV to a construction site to assess how the suspension setup now performs. The suspension has been carefully tuned to ensure it is not excessively soft and offers minimal body roll.

The vlogger drives the SUV over debris at the construction site, and it handles uneven surfaces with ease. Under normal conditions, the tires do not rub against the wheel arch. However, in extreme off-road situations, the wheels may slightly rub against the fenders, which the owner clearly demonstrates in the video. The owner also showcases the suspension travel on the modified Jimny. The modified Jimny has an impressive appearance, and the owner mentions that this is a project car, indicating future plans to tune the engine and make further changes. This would improve the overall performance. He can also be heard talking about installing a supercharger into the SUV in the future.

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