Maruti Jimny Sells Over 18,000 Units In India: 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy One

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Maruti Suzuki Jimny is one of the most niche products sold by the brand in India. The vehicle initially posted strong sales figures, but in the last few months, it has slowed down a bit. Maruti Suzuki, however, is currently very bullish on the future of this SUV in India. Recently, during an interview, Maruti Suzuki’s Senior Executive Director revealed that since its launch, the Jimny has done a total sales of 18,000 units. He suggested that sales will get better for the model in India.

During an interview with CNBC-TV18, Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Director, MSIL revealed interesting details about the Jimny. He was first asked about the sales figures of the Jimny for January and February.

To this, the Maruti Suzuki executive replied that they were just shy of 1,000 units. He mentioned that it was the combined number for the two months. Srivastava emphasized that the Jimny sales were around 4,500 units in December. However, due to more inventory, the wholesale sales were down.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny total sales

Maruti Jimny Sells Over 18,000 Units In India: 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy One

The senior executive director then went on to reveal that the company, since its launch in June, has sold over 18,000 units. He added that they will now be building Jimnys as per the market demand. Srivastava added that Jimny before its launch had around 52,000 bookings for the model.

Why is Maruti bullish on Jimny?

During the interview, Srivastava highlighted that Jimny was never meant to be a massive market product. They anticipated a sales volume of around 2,000-2,500 units. However, the off-roading culture in India has not fully developed. Hence the sales are currently subpar.

He added that because of this, they have started doing experience-based marketing for the Jimny. Srivastava stated that they will be building the off-roading culture in India to sell more Jimnys.

Apart from this, he added that the company was thinking about offering a 2WD Jimny. He stated that this was suggested by a lot of people to them. However, the company has shelved this plan because of the off-roading heritage of the Jimny.

Why should you buy a Jimny?

Maruti Jimny Sells Over 18,000 Units In India: 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy One

We understand that the Maruti Suzuki Jimny is a niche product. However, if you are one of those off-roading enthusiasts who are looking to buy a lifestyle off-roader, we would suggest you go ahead with the Jimny. There are five main reasons behind our suggestion.

Off-roading capabilities

As the Jimny is a ladder-on-frame chassis SUV, it offers exceptional off-roading capabilities. It gets Suzuki’s All-Grip Pro 4X4 system, which is very capable. It comes with 4 high and 4 low gears adding to its capabilities when doing proper off-roading.

It also offers a lightweight body, and its approach and departure angles are well-suited for hardcore off-roading. The Jimny also offers a good amount of articulation as well.


Another one of the reasons to buy the Jimny is its practicality. The SUV comes equipped with 5 doors which makes it a great family car as well. The model has decent enough height which can be easily accessed by elderly people and kids as well. Additionally, it also offers a decent mileage of 16-17 kmpl. So it can be used for regular drives as well.

Compact size

Talking about daily driving, the Jimny can be easily maneuvered across tight city spaces. This is because the size of the Jimny is small enough to get through most of the congested areas. It can be easily parked in normal parking spots unlike its direct rivals, the Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha.

Maruti Suzuki’s bulletproof reliability

When it comes to reliability, it becomes extremely difficult to beat Maruti Suzuki. The company has built a solid product which utilizes their time-tested 1.5-litre naturally aspirated K15B petrol engine. This motor generates a decent 103 bhp of power and 134 Nm of torque.

It may not sound as powerful as its competition; however, it makes up in the reliability department. Additionally, the company has one of the strongest dealership networks in the country. This adds to the confidence in buying one.

Maruti Jimny Sells Over 18,000 Units In India: 5 Reasons Why You Must Buy One

Heritage of the Jimny brand

The Jimny might have come to India just a few months ago. However, the brand Jimny has been around for decades. The first generation of the Jimny was launched in Japan back in 1970. And ever since then, the company has launched four total generations of this SUV.

Over the years, Jimny has managed to get the title of “Mountain GOAT”. This is because the Jimny is very light in weight yet it offers an extremely capable off-roading setup. With the Jimny, you get a name that has become a synonym for off-roading.