Maruti Jimny tries to pull out royally stuck Toyota Fortuner: Fails [Video]

maruti jimny toyota fortuner rescue fail

The Maruti Suzuki Jimny and the Toyota Fortuner are two of the most popular SUVs in India. The Jimny is known for its off-road capabilities, while the Fortuner is known for its imposing presence. The Fortuner is also offered with a 4X4 setup; however, not many people opt for it. Recently, what happened was a 4X2 Fortuner was taken off-roading, and, as no surprise to anyone, it got stuck, and the video of it was shared online. In the video, the Maruti Suzuki Jimny tries to pull out this massive SUV but fails miserably, and the entire process of this failed rescue mission is shown in the video.

Toyota Fortuner 4X2 gets stuck

Maruti Jimny tries to pull out royally stuck Toyota Fortuner: Fails [Video]

The video of this Maruti Suzuki Jimny failing to pull out a Toyota Fortuner type 2 from a muddy ditch has come courtesy of Modified Hub. In the video uploaded by the channel, the entire tale of this failed rescue mission has been shared. The video starts off with the vlogger and his friends meeting up at a fuel station, and after filling up, they start the journey. After reaching the track, they find a peacock, which they try to follow, but it goes into the wilderness. Soon after this, they start their off-road journey on the track. However, unfortunately, it was very short-lived as the 4X2 Fortuner heading the convoy gets stuck. The driver of the Fortuner gets stuck in a deep muddy ditch while he was trying to take a U-turn after reaching a dead end.

The Jimny rescue fail

Maruti Jimny tries to pull out royally stuck Toyota Fortuner: Fails [Video]

Soon after analyzing that the Fortuner has been lodged inside the mud, the Jimny owner and presenter line up his SUV behind the Fortuner. They then attach a rope to the rear tow hook of the Fortuner and pass it through two hooks on the front of the Jimny. After this, the Jimny driver tries to pull out the heavy Fortuner; however, all of the efforts were futile. The presenter tries backing up and strongly pulling the SUV, but nothing comes to fruition. Lastly, the old Mahindra Thar is also brought for the same, but the video ends before the rescue is shown, with a “to be continued” text.

Why did the Jimny fail to rescue the Fortuner?

Now it was noted that the Jimny, despite putting a lot of effort, could not pull out the Fortuner. But many will have the question as to why it could not do the task of rescue. To answer this, there are a few points. The first being the weight of the Toyota Fortuner. The type 2 Toyota Fortuner weighs significantly more than the Maruti Suzuki Jimny, so it generally becomes very difficult to perform such a rescue with such a massive weight difference.

Maruti Jimny tries to pull out royally stuck Toyota Fortuner: Fails [Video]

Another reason for this rescue mission failure was Jimny’s low-end torque. The overall torque of the Jimny is 134 Nm, but not a whole lot of it is available in the lower end of the rev range. Now with these rescue missions, low-end torque is very important, but because it’s already low in the Jimny, it could not pull the Fortuner out. Lastly, another important reason for the failure was the Fortuner’s depth in the mud. The Fortuner in the video can be seen lodged deeply inside the muddy ditch.