Maruti launches limited edition Alto K10 KnightRacer


What do you do when you want to clear out inventory in a slow-sales month like December? You try every trick in the book, discounts, limited editions and even threats of a price hike. And Maruti is going the limited edition route. After recently launching the Maruti A-Star Aktiv, it has now taken out the sticky tape and plastered the Alto K10 with it.

Maruti has just introduced a limited edition Alto K10 with 11 additional features on the LXI variant (the base Alto K10) in a bid to push up its sales. These 11 additional features will set you back by an extra Rs. 13,490 over the cost of the Maruti Alto K10 LXI – bringing its ex-showroom price in Delhi to Rs. 3.31 lakh. Also read: Maruti launches limited edition A-Star Aktiv

Maruti launches limited edition Alto K10 KnightRacer

The additional features on the Alto K10 LXI KnightRacer include a rear spoiler, flashy body graphics, side moulding, wheel covers and left-side rear view mirror (LXI only has driver’s side otherwise). On the interiors the changes include new KnightRacer themed fabric seat covers, rear parcel tray, steering wheel cover and a JVC music system with USB functionality.

There are no performance changes as such. The Alto K10 LXI comes with a 1-litre K-Series petrol engine putting out 67 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. It has a really light kerb-weight giving it a power-to-weight ratio that can puts some bigger cars to shame. The easy to use five-speed manual transmission and light steering make this a really peppy little go-kart of sorts, and is a great car for an enthusiastic driver on a tight budget. It also has good claimed fuel efficiency of 20.2 kmpl. Also read: Maruti Alto K10 vs Maruti Alto 800

Is it worth buying?

Should you buy the Alto K10 LXI KnightRacer? Is it worth the extra cash you will be spending on it? If you are buyer who wants some degree of exclusivity on a tight budget and really don’t want to go through the effort of personalizing the car yourself, it may be worth a look. However, for that extra cash you will be spending over the regular Alto K10 LXI, you could either directly pick up an Alto K10 VXI and get the benefits that come with it such as a tachometer, front power windows, dual internally adjustable rear-view mirrors etc. Or you could buy the LXI and spend that money on personalizing it yourself with your choice of music system and other accessories.