Modified Maruti Omni is pure BADASS [Video]

Last year Maruti Suzuki discontinued the Omni after 35 years! It was one of the highest-selling cars in the Indian market and there were many who were intrigued by the appearance of the Omni. Well, since there are no proper vans available in the Indian market, enthusiasts modify the Omni to make them look extremely badass. After a wild example of the Omni was made last year by Holy Shift, here is another example of how a simple looking Omni can be transformed into one of the most badass cars that you will ever see.

Modified Maruti Omni is pure BADASS [Video]

This example of Maruti Suzuki Omni has been modified by Carbon Automotive for Jassim bin Abdul Rashid. While we tried contacting both of them, we did not get any reply so we will list all the modifications that we can figure out by looking at the pictures and videos of the modified Omni.

Modified Maruti Omni is pure BADASS [Video]

Carbon Automotive has kept the DNA of Omni alive by not changing the shape of the car much. However, the modifications make the Omni look like that it is a model from the future. It gets a completely different front-end with aftermarket bumper, which has been custom made for the car. Even the headlamps are custom made. They now have projector lamps with angel eyes that glow red. It gives a new identity to the Omni.

Modified Maruti Omni is pure BADASS [Video]

On the side, it gets a new skid plate and of course, the aftermarket alloy wheels with wide low-profile tyres. It makes the Omni look extremely good. It has been lowered by quite a bit too, which adds the sporty stance to the car. The roof gets a closed luggage carrier that can be used to keep extra things when going on a long-distance trip. The rear gets customised bumper with four exhaust pipes coming out. We are not sure if all of them are working but the car sounds extremely loud and modified. The whole body gets gloss black paint with dark tint on the windows.

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A slew of changes has been made to the cabin too. While the internal changes are not as drastic as the external ones, the car now gets an all-red interior. There is three-row seating with pilot seats in the middle and a bench seat in the last row. All the seats are facing forward. There is not much of a change on the dashboard or instrument cluster. It is quite possible that it is a work in progress and we will get to see more later. It is not known if the engine has been swapped or tuned. It sure sounds like a bigger petrol engine and gets an aftermarket exhaust system for better performance.

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