Watch this CRAZY Maruti Omni Turbo doing burnouts [Video]

The Maruti Omni, a staple school van for kids growing in the 90s, is the last car you’d expect getting big in the  stunt circuit. But this is exactly what’s happening here. A Suzuki Omni, fitted with a turbocharged rotary petrol engine is going pedal to the metal, and doing spectacular burn outs. The video below will show you more.

Video courtesy FastPerformanceVideos

As the video indicates, the Omni starts out slow and goes real big with the donuts. If you observe closely, the  heavily modified passenger van gets a roll cage, which indicates that it’s modified for stunting use. This change  apart, there’s little to say that this is a high performance van meant to pull crazy donuts.

The Maruti Omni, a car that’s been in production for over 34 years in India, is on its last legs. Come 2019 and  tighter safety norms, the Omni will be put out of production. A replacement is yet to be announced. The passenger van  that’s sold here gets petrol, LPG and CNG variants. Emissions too are getting tighter in April 2020, and Maruti has  no plans to make the passenger van compliant with the Bharat Stage 6 emissions, another reason why its going out of  production soon.

The Maruti Omni has continued with its basic shape unchanged for nearly 35 years, and this is the single most  remarkable fact about this car. High on utility, the Omni finds use in multiple ways – from performing as a passenger  car to hauling cargo. Over the years, the Maruti Omni received minor feature changes even as the engine kept getting upgraded to meet tightening emission norms.

Watch this CRAZY Maruti Omni Turbo doing burnouts [Video]

However, the overall engine and driveline layout design has also been unchanged. Just like it rolled out in 1984, the  passenger van is powered by a 796cc, 3 cylinder F8D engine available with petrol, LPG-Petrol and CNG-Petrol trims.  This motor puts out 34 Bhp-59 Nm, and is mated to a four speed manual gearbox. This is another unique facet about the van as it’s the only production car in India to be sold with a 4 speed gearbox. Prices of the Maruti Omni start from Rs. 2.93 lakhs, making it one of India’s most affordable cars.

The reason for the Maruti Omni’s enduring success in the Indian market aren’t difficult to figure. Utterly reliable,  low on maintenance and very affordable to run, the Maruti Omni continues to be a hot seller. The van averages about  6,000 units each month, making it one of Maruti’s greatest best sellers to be produced. The versatile Omni finds  multiple uses in India – as a passenger car for families, school vans and cargo vans. It’s sold with 5 seat, 8 seat  and cargo variants.