Maruti overtakes Mahindra in UV sales in the month of May

Mahindra and Mahindra have been the leaders in the UV segment for the longest period we can think of. Their whole range comprises of mainly SUVs and UVs (save for the Verito,Vibe and the E2O Plus), making it easy for them to maintain the top spot in that segment. Things have changed though, since the arrival of the Vitara Brezza. While the Brezza isn’t a hard core SUV, it still comes under the UV tag, something which has seen Maruti take over the lead in the UV segment, pushing Mahindra down to second place.

Maruti overtakes Mahindra in UV sales in the month of May

Maruti has the S Cross, the Brezza, the Ertiga and the Gypsy in this segment. Combined they managed to sell 22608 units. Mahindra on the other hand managed only 19331 units in May. In April, Maruti managed 20638 where as Mahindra managed 18363 units. The story was different in the previous financial year though, where Mahindra managed to outsell Maruti by close to 20,000 units. Even from January to May, Mahindra is ahead by 5000 units, however it is only over the past two months that we have seen Maruti gaining ground on Mahindra.

Mahindra has a large portfolio of SUVs on offer, ranging from the sub 4-meter KUV100, TUV300, Nuvosport to the larger Scorpio, XUV500 and the Xylo. They also have the Bolero UV, which was at one point in time the highest selling utility vehilce in the country.

The main reason for this overtake by Maruti is the fact that the company has increased the production capacity of the SUV, which has led to Maruti register a growth of close to 45%, where as Mahindra declined by 6%.

We had mentioned previously that Mahindra is looking to update their model line up, especially the TUV and the KUV to help improve sales. These vehicles haven’t met the targets Mahindra was looking at and hence they will be getting an update sometime this year. The Scorpio and the XUV500 too will be getting an update as per reports.

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