Maruti S-Presso CNG unveiled at the 2020 Auto Expo

Maruti Suzuki has showcased the CNG-Petrol dual fuel version of the S-Presso micro SUV at the 2020 Indian Auto Expo. The CNG (compressed natural gas) kit is factory fitted, and gets a standard factory warranty. The CNG variants of the S-Presso will soon be launched. The new trims of the S-Presso are likely to be about Rs. 30,000 pricier than equivalent petrol variants.

Maruti S-Presso CNG unveiled at the 2020 Auto Expo

The Maruti S-Presso CNG is aimed at specific parts of India such as the Delhi NCR and Mumbai-Pune regions where CNG dispensing infrastructure is well developed. The CNG trims are aimed at those seeking lower running costs as CNG continues to be a lot cheaper than both petrol and diesel. The CNG powered S-Presso will also have lower tail pipe emissions, which makes it more environmentally friendly than cars running on petrol and diesel.

The S-Presso’s 1 liter-3 cylinder engine that makes 67 Bhp-91 Nm on petrol will make 58 Bhp-78 Nm while running on CNG. This power loss is normal for CNG, and since the S-Presso is so light, the power dip won’t matter much for everyday driving. The CNG powered variants of the S-Presso are likely to be launched in multiple variants.

Maruti S-Presso CNG unveiled at the 2020 Auto Expo

While the petrol powered S-Presso gets 5 speed manual and AMT options, it remains to be seen whether Maruti offers the CNG option on both the automatic and manual variants of the car. It’s likely that only manual trims of the S-Presso will get the CNG option. Twin airbags and ABS will be offered even on the CNG trims though.

The S-Presso is one of Maruti’s latest launches in the Indian market, and the car is an instant hit, outselling the Renault Kwid right from launch. High ground clearance, a high seating position and quirky-ly butch looks are the three biggest selling points of this car, which retains other positive attributes of a Maruti car such as great reliability, low maintenance and great service back up. Maruti Suzuki offers a slew of personalization options for the S-Presso. These dealer-level accessories will not void the stock factory warranty, unlike aftermarket accessories. The S-Presso CNG showcased at the Auto Expo is also an accessorized version.

The S-Presso is Maruti’s 6th CNG powered car as the automaker moves away from diesel engines. In the coming years, Maruti’s entire fleet of cars are likely to get CNG-Petrol dual fuel cars. CNG dispensing outlets are expected to become more widespread in the coming years across India, and Maruti wants to take advantage of this.