Maruti S-Presso crosses a snowy patch of road but Mahindra Scorpio-N struggles? [Video]

The Himalayan region attracts tourists from all corners of the country. Mant tourists prefer to drive to the region. While it is a splendid experience, it can be gruesome for many t0 drive on snow. Here is a video that shows capable tourist vehicles struggling on snow while a local Maruti Suzuki S-Presso takes on the same stretch with confidence.

The video by Arun Pawar first shows him struggling with the Mahindra Scorpio-N 4X4. He shows that he changed the mode to 4X4 Low-Ratio and still could not climb on the uphill stretch covered with snow. Soon after that, a Toyota Fortuner leading a convoy of tourist cars reaches the spot.

The Fortuner climvs the uphill stretch without any problem and also tells the driver of the Scorpio-N to reduce air pressure in his vehicle and re-try the climb. However, he gets out of the way of the convoy and watches all the other vehicles going up the climb.

Many vehicles like a Mahindra Thar and another Mahindra Scorpio-N climbs up the stretch quite easily while another Thar in the group struggles quite much to climb. In the end, Arun Pawar also takes his vehicle on the uphill stretch after reducing the air pressure. He finally succeeds too. But following his car, a local Maruti Suzuki S-Presso also tries to climb the uphill.

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso on uphill

Maruti S-Presso crosses a snowy patch of road but Mahindra Scorpio-N struggles? [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso was packed with passengers. While the driver climbed the uphill with momentum, it stops after a few metres. Like all the other vehicles, the S-Presso also struggles to find grip and since it is a 4X2 vehicle, the driver of the car asked the passengers to get out of the vehicle.

After the passengers of the car got out, the S-Presso became lighter in weight and found the traction to climb the uphill stretch without any problem. The owner of Scorpio-N was quite surprised to see the S-Presso completing the leg but small Maruti and Hyundai hatchbacks doing such stretches on the mountains is a common sight.

Small cars are lightweight and are much more agile in the hills. That’s why you will always find small like the Maruti 800 and Hyundai Eon in the mountainous regions of the country. The lightweight front-wheel drive vehicles offer excellent fuel efficiency and are easier to drive on the twisted mountain roads.

2WD vehicles are quite capable if the driver of the vehicle knows what he or she is doing. But there are a lot of limitations attached to the type of vehicle one is driving. If you’re going to challenging places for the first time, always ensure that you take a 4WD vehicle. Once you’re familiar with the route and know the challenges, you can try it again with a 2WD vehicle. Even 4WD can get stuck easily if the driver is not confident driving it.