What if Maruti Suzuki made the 800 today!

Maruti Suzuki 800 has created several milestones in the Indian market. It was the first affordable car for the mass-segment customers and sure did become a runaway success for the brand. The Maruti Suzuki 800 was the first front-wheel-drive car to be launched in the Indian market. It was first launched in 1983 and was such a success that Maruti Suzuki had to force it out of the market and discontinue it to give Alto 800 a chance to become more popular. Maruti Suzuki discontinued the 800 in 2014. But what if the car was launched today?

What if Maruti Suzuki made the 800 today!

Maruti Suzuki cars have kept up with the trend of automobile designing and of course, the present line-up looks much different from what they used to offer decades ago. Well, what if the current designers of Maruti Suzuki designed the 800? What will it look like? Well, even though Maruti Suzuki has no plans to bring the legendary 800 back to the market, we sure can use our imagination and think of what the modern-day Maruti Suzuki 800 will look like.

Our expert designer Vipin Vithoopan has imagined the new-age Maruti Suzuki 800. The inspiration for the design comes from the modern-day Suzuki Kei cars and concept cars from the Japanese manufacturer. So this is the rendered image of the Maruti 800 if it had launched today.

Modern-day Maruti Suzuki 800

What if Maruti Suzuki made the 800 today!

If it is a Maruti 800 then, it ought to have the iconic classic shape. Well, that has not changed here as well. This image is purely based on imagination as Maruti Suzuki does not have any plan to re-launch the 800. It is a straightforward, no-nonsense design without many frills. The idea is to keep the DNA of the Maruti Suzuki 800 alive and this rendering design does just that.

With the classic design, the car gets LED headlamps. There are LED DRLs too. The front bumper gets a minimalistic design with black cladding. The grille looks quite interesting and it encloses the headlamps of the vehicles too. The turn indicators are located on the side of the car.

There are a few creases on the side of the body too. The vehicle gets a neat door handle. The A and B Pillar are blackened and with the black glasses, the car looks extremely sporty. The vehicle also gets black alloy wheels. The ORVMs also get black covers.

The rear of the vehicle may also get some cutting edge stop lamps and a neat and clean design. However, that is not here in this rendering design.

Maruti Suzuki upcoming launches

Maruti Suzuki plans to launch the all-new Celerio in the Indian market. In 2022, Maruti Suzuki also plans to launch the all-new Jimny but that will be an India-specific car that will get five doors. Maruti Suzuki updated the Swift with the more powerful engine option in the Indian market recently too.