Maruti Alto 800 owner fined for ‘not wearing helmet properly’

The digitalization of various systems and departments of the administrations, including Traffic Police, has made the lives of authorities easier for monitoring purposes. In recent times, the Traffic Police has also benefitted much from the digitized processes, as it has helped in keeping an eye over the compliance of traffic rules by people and issuing challans much easier. However, it is not all smooth and sometimes goof-ups do occur, like this recent one from Kerala Traffic Police, in which a car driver was issued a challan for not wearing a helmet properly.

The incident is in a reference to a challan issued on December 7, 2021, which was originally issued for two people going on a motorcycle, on which the pillion rider was not wearing a helmet. However, the challan issued had the registration number of a Maruti Suzuki Alto owned by a person named Ajith A.

Irregularities in the challan itself

Maruti Alto 800 owner fined for ‘not wearing helmet properly’

In the challan, the vehicle class is mentioned as ‘motor car’, which should have been a motorcycle or two-wheeler. The challan also mentions the reason as ‘driving or causes or allows a motorcycle to be driven by wearing a protective headgear not securely fastened to the head of the wearer (helmet) (chin strap)’.

According to reports, Ajith has got this challan mistakenly as the registration number of the motorcycle of the actual offenders and Ajith’s Alto are very similar, except for the last two digits. While the last two digits of the motorcycle’s registration number are ‘11’, that of Ajith’s Alto is ‘77’.

Due to this goof-up from the end of the system of Kerala Traffic Police, Ajith, who had no involvement in the entire incident, got issued a penalty of Rs 500 from the Kerala Traffic Police. It is bizarre that a car owner got issued a challan for not wearing a helmet. This goof-up has only troubled Ajith into an unwarranted situation, in which he has to now approach the authorities of Kerala Traffic Police to get this error rectified.

However, Ajith has told the media that he will be filing an official complaint with the Motor Vehicles Department to look into this matter. In a response to this, an official from Kerala Traffic police said that this goof-up might be a result of a typographical error caused when the registration number was being entered into the system to produce the challan.

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