Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 modified to look like Smart Roadster [video]

Any type of modification to a car is now considered illegal in India; however, there are still several workshops and enthusiasts who continue to do it regardless. In the past, we have featured many tastefully modified examples of cars and bikes on our website. In most cases, these workshops enhance the overall appearance of the car or bike by adding certain elements. Lately, we have noticed a growing trend of fabrication work in this sector, where cars are completely transformed into something else. We have come across videos showcasing regular 4-door sedans that have been modified to resemble sports cars. Here’s a video of a Maruti Alto hatchback that has been modified to look like a Smart Roadster.

The video has been uploaded by Magneto 11 on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger showcases a Maruti Alto that has undergone a complete transformation to resemble a Smart Roadster Coupe, which was a 2-door sports car available in the European market. The workshop responsible for modifying the Maruti Alto drew inspiration from this car.

The modified car bears no resemblance to the original Maruti Alto. It has been completely transformed into a sports car, although it is not an exact replica. The workshop has fabricated the front end of the Maruti Alto, replacing it with two vertically placed round headlamps. The U-shaped grey-colored strip at the front has also been replaced with metal.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 modified to look like Smart Roadster
Maruti Alto modified into Smart Roadster

The front bumper of the car features an air dam with fog lamps and LED turn indicators on either side. It should be noted that all the lights installed on this particular car are aftermarket units. We are unsure whether the car is equipped with a projector headlamp setup or not. Moving to the side profile, the workshop has made significant efforts to completely change the car’s appearance.

A white-colored strip, as tall as the car itself, surrounds the door. The original 4-door Maruti Alto has been converted into a 2-door car, taking design inspiration from the Smart Roadster. The door handles are from the Alto, while the car now sports 13-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. At the rear, there is a small quarter panel, a slightly slanting roof, aftermarket tail lamps, turn indicators, a roof-mounted spoiler, and a number plate area. Overall, the car has a rounded exterior appearance.

Turning our attention to the interior, it is quite basic. The workshop has added a leather wrapping with a diamond pattern to the door pad. The interior features a dual-tone theme of Cyan and Black. An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system has been installed, and custom seat covers have been added. The dashboard remains unchanged from the original Alto. The video does not mention the time and cost involved in this project. However, we assume that the workshop might have easily taken couple of months to modify this car. The exact cost such projects cannot to be said as it depends on the requirement of the client.