New Maruti Suzuki Arena TVC shows all the services provided by the brand

Maruti Arena Featured

Maruti Suzuki Arena was launched last year when all the regular, non Nexa showrooms of the manufacturer were rebranded to Arena. Maruti Suzuki has launched a new TVC that shows all the services provided by Maruti Suzuki Arena. The video shows all the services starting right from buying the car and through the life cycle of the vehicle.

Maruti Suzuki Arena allied services consist of various different features for the customers. The video first talks about the finance program of the Maruti Suzuki, which provides instant car finance and loans. Customers can walk into any Maruti Suzuki Arena dealership and get the loan approved for their purchase. The video also talks about the Maruti’s “iCreate” customisation service. Maruti Suzuki allows customers to pick and choose customisation accessories for their vehicles including body kits, accessories, alloy wheels, and various other things like floor mats, speakers etc.

The iCreate service is aimed to give a unique experience to the owners and get a unique looking car on the road. Further, the video shows extended services like extended warranty and Maruti Suzuki Loyalty Points program too. The Loyalty Program allows the customers to buy genuine accessories and gather points on the card. The points can be used against getting discounts on new accessories.

The video also talks about the Maruti Suzuki Insurance and how easy and hassle-free it is to get the vehicle repaired when something unforeseen happens to the vehicle. Maruti Insurance allows customers to do cashless transactions and get the approvals for repairs quickly. Maruti Suzuki Arena allied service also consists of the Maruti Suzuki Road Side Assistance. The roadside assistance is a pretty handful, especially if the car has broken down on a secluded stretch of a road or the fuel is empty. Maruti Suzuki Road Side assistance can be requested from the Arena app itself. The roadside assistance also provides tyre replacement and towing services. It is very important for people who travel late at night or travel often on highways.

Maruti Suzuki also has driving schools around India and that is the next thing highlighted on the video. The video shows that Maruti Suzuki Driving schools use modern and scientific techniques like driving simulators to teach the learners and also provide them with completion certificates. The program is 21 days long and anyone above 18 years old can join it.

Maruti Suzuki is one of the few manufacturers in India who provide home servicing of the cars. One can book the services on the app and the authorised personnel will come to the home to service the vehicle. The video then shows the Maruti Leasing Services and refer a friend program. Customers can refer friends and families to gain points and use them as a discount to upgrade to a new Maruti Suzuki car.