Maruti Suzuki Baleno Sigma vs Fronx Sigma – Which one is the better buy? [Video]

Since its launch, Maruti Suzuki India Limited’s crossover Fronx has garnered a lot of interest in the country, as the largest carmaker. Many people are comparing this new crossover with some of its siblings to understand its position in the brand’s lineup in India. One of the most requested comparisons is with its hatchback counterpart, the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. In a recent video, a YouTuber has done the same thing and has compared the base Sigma variants of both the Baleno and Fronx.

Prince Joshi shared the video of the comparison between the Baleno Sigma variant and the Fronx Sigma variant on their YouTube channel. The video starts with an introduction to both cars, and the presenter mentions that he will compare the base variants of these models. He adds that although the video comparison of the top-spec variants will follow, this video will be a direct comparison of the base-spec models.

The presenter states that the major difference between the two base variants is the price. He mentions that the base variant of the premium hatchback Baleno costs around Rs 6.60 (ex-showroom), while the crossover Fronx’s Sigma variant costs Rs 7.45 (ex-showroom). After the price, he mentions that the other evident and obvious difference is in the height of these two models. He adds that the Fronx is 50 mm taller than the Baleno and is more suited for people who regularly drive on uneven roads.

The presenter then shows the front of both cars and mentions that both Baleno and Fronx have the same halogen lights and projector setups at the front. He adds that the Fronx gets a slightly more premium-looking chrome strip in the grille, whereas the Baleno does not get any chrome in the front. He then compares the ground clearance of both cars and states that the Baleno offers 170 mm clearance, while the Fronx offers 190 mm of clearance. Although the wheelbases on both cars are the same, the Fronx is a slightly bigger car than the Baleno.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Sigma vs Fronx Sigma – Which one is the better buy? [Video]

Following this, the presenter shows the rear of both cars and mentions that he personally likes the Fronx better from the rear. He adds that the Baleno in the rear, as well, gets the all-halogen setup, but the Fronx gets the all-LED setup for its taillights. He then opens the rear boots of both cars and states that both have an extra 16-inch spare wheel, but the overall capacity of the trunk is larger in the Baleno. He mentions that the Baleno offers 318 liters of boot space, while the Fronx offers a slightly smaller 310 liters of boot space.

Moving on, he shows the interiors of both cars and mentions that they are almost identical to each other and are both scarcely equipped. He mentions that both cars miss out on an infotainment system and a lot of creature comforts, like leather upholstery and others. He adds that both cars, however, do manage to get automatic climate controls.