Maruti Suzuki Baleno wrapped in Lime Green looks SICK


Maruti Suzuki Baleno is the highest selling premium hatchback in our country. It is also the only premium hatchback that is offered with mild-hybrid technology. The manufacturer discontinued the Baleno RS because of BS6 emission norms and it was not selling well. People would just buy the regular Baleno and modify it extensively. Due to this, the Baleno is also one of the most modified vehicles in our country.

Here, is another example of a modified Baleno in which the owner has decided to wrap the car and do some other modifications as well. The video has been uploaded by Automobile Informant Vlogs on his YouTube channel. The vlogger takes us through all the modifications that have been done by the owner of the Baleno. The vehicle is owned by Mr. Jeetu and the modifications are done by JS Wraps of Faridabad.

The first thing that you would notice is that the Baleno in the video has been wrapped. The colour of the wrap is Lime Green Matte Chrome. The vlogger claims that the Baleno in the video is the only Baleno in our country to be wrapped in Lime Green Matte Chrome and the wrap has been sourced from Tech Wrap. Before this the Baleno was wrapped in Chamelion wrapped about which we have already covered here.

The stock colour of the Baleno in the video was Autumn Orange. The wrap also comes with a warranty of two years which is a good thing. It is important to note that if you wrap your vehicle and the colour of the vehicle changes than you would need to get it changed on your RC or Registration Certificate. You could get fined by the cops if the colour of the vehicle does not match with the colour that is written on your RC.

The headlamp is the same as the stock Baleno. However, the projector bulb has been replaced with an XP Xenon projector setup. The fog lamp has also been replaced with the same company. The stock grille has also been replaced with a mesh grille that is finished in black. It gives a very aggressive front to the Baleno. The fog lamp housing is also finished in gloss black. There is also a body kit installed on the Baleno that is sourced from the Nexa dealership itself. The body kit comes with a front lip, side skirts and rear bumper extenders. The whole body kit has been finished in the same colour as the Baleno and black. There is also a towing hook installed which looks like an arrow. The roof, door handles and the outside rearview mirros are finished in black.

The Baleno has been lowered by 35 mm and it rides on 17-inch Black multi spoke wheels. It also runs different tyres with tyre stickers. There is also an after-market spoiler made of fibre and it is finished in gloss black. The stock chrome garnish on the tailgate has also been now finished in piano-black. Then there are some after-market LED tail lamps with swiping turn indicators. All the badges have also been removed.

The vehicle has undergone Stage 1+ Remap from Quantum Performance. Due to this, the Baleno produces 105 bhp which is significant upgrade over the stock vehicle. The total cost of the modification is around Rs. 1 lakhs which does not include the cost of the alloy wheels. The wrap costs Rs. 40,000 for a hatchback. So, the cost of the wrap depends on the type of vehicle.