Humble Maruti Suzuki Brezza wants to be a Lamborghini Urus [Video]

If you are bored of seeing Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza with a Jeep-inspired grille in the name of ‘modifications’, this one sample of a modified Vitara Brezza should surprise you. You must have seen many examples of car owners modifying their vehicles to look like one of the most desirable SUVs on sale in the world, the Lamborghini Urus. Here, we bring to you a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, which is trying hard to look like the Urus with its set of modifications.

A YouTube video from Vashu Singh shows a heavily-modified Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, which has been altered to make it look like a much more expensive and powerful Lamborghini Urus. The presenter of this video interacts with the owner of this modified Vitara Brezza, who begins by saying that this SUV is essentially a first-generation Vitara Brezza ZDI.

As we can see, the front profile of this modified Vitara Brezza has been heavily tweaked to make it look like the fascia of the Urus. The inspiration can be seen in the edges of the hexagonal grille and triangular air vents on the corners of the front bumper. Like in the Urus, the front grille here has been partitioned into two halves. However, apart from the heavily-modified front bumper, the headlamps and bonnet of this Vitara Brezza look unaltered.

17-inch alloy wheels installed

Humble Maruti Suzuki Brezza wants to be a Lamborghini Urus [Video]

The owner of this heavily-modified Vitara Brezza has installed it with after-market 17-inch alloy wheels and upsized tyres, which give it a different stance over the stock version of the SUV. The owner has also installed gloss-black side skirts and BMW M-inspired rearview mirrors and got all the mirrors tinted in black, which is illegal. At the back, this modified Vitara Brezza has been slapped with a huge after-market spoiler, tinted LED tail lamps and a custom rear bumper.

While this Vitara Brezza does not get any mechanical advancements and interior enhancements, it does get a custom after-market sound system with upgraded amplifiers and a sub-woofer. According to the owner of this modified Vitara Brezza, the overall cost of all the modifications and add-ons is around Rs 8 lakh.

The overall impression of this modified Vitara Brezza is purely subjective – while some might like it, some might find it a bit overboard. However, one thing is clear modifications like this, which change the original appearance of the car, are illegal and can be subjected to heavy fines and penalties.

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