Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel caught on video, yet again

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel hatchback has been caught on video and this time around, the diesel engined car’s distinct two cylinder thrum can be heard along with the car in focus. The diesel engine that Maruti Suzuki is testing on the Celerio is a 792 cc, twin cylinder unit that engineers from Maruti and Suzuki have developed for use in the upcoming Y9T (Carry) mini pick up truck. This engine is in the process of being refined to the extent that makes it suitable for use in passenger cars such as the Celerio and the WagonR.

However, it must be noted that testing a diesel engine on a car isn’t indicative of the car eventually making it to the market. In the past too, we’ve had Honda testing a turbo diesel engine on the Brio hatchback even though the diesel variant of the car was never put into production. Like the Celerio Diesel test mule, the Brio Diesel’s test mules were caught on video. With that, it is too early to assume that the Celerio Diesel will make it to the production floor. In case it does, expect it to be priced at least 60,000 rupees pricier than equivalent petrol powered variants.

Maruti Suzuki is taking a bold approach with the Celerio – the automaker introduced the automated manual transmission technology on this car. If the diesel powered Celerio makes it to the market, it is likely to result in a deluge of small capacity diesel powered cars from Maruti Suzuki, opening up a market that has hitherto been unexplored. The WagonR and even the Alto could eventually hop on to the diesel brigade if the Celerio Diesel turns out to be successful. All in all, the Celerio with a diesel engine is a big step for Maruti Suzuki and one that could have a dramatic impact on the entry-level hatchback market in India.

Video courtesy GaadiWaadi