Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel caught on video?

Maruti Suzuki is said to be contemplating a diesel powered Celerio hatchback for the Indian car market. The Celerio Diesel is touted to borrow an 800 cc, twin cylinder turbo diesel engine from the upcoming Y9T code-named Suzuki Carry based pick up truck, due for a launch in 2015.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel caught on video?
Purported test mule of the Maruti Suzuki Celerio diesel hatchback


The 800 cc turbo diesel motor on the Y9T will be a twin cylinder unit and is therefore expected to be quite noisy, much akin to the Tata Nano. A video grab of what is purported to be a test mule of the Celerio Diesel shows the noisy clatter of a turbo diesel engine. The Celerio that has been spied features covered badges, indicating that it is a test mule.

While Maruti Suzuki could indeed launch a Celerio with the Y9T’s 800 cc turbo diesel engine, the motor will have to see extensive modifications to get noise, vibration and harshness levels under control as personal car buyers even in the budget segments expect a modicum of refinement, which is usually higher than that expected by the commercial vehicle buyer.

Rumours in the past have indicated that the Celerio Diesel will be launched in 2015. However, Maruti Suzuki has been tight lipped about plans of introducing a small capacity turbo diesel engine on the Celerio although such an option for the Y9T pick up truck has been confirmed.

If the 800 cc twin cylinder diesel engine is refined to an extent that it is suitable to meet NVH levels demanded by personal car buyers, expect the motor to not only power the Celerio, but other Maruti Suzuki small cars such as the Alto and the WagonR.

For now though, the 800 cc diesel engined Celerio remains a test mule whose production remains in question. In the past as well, we’ve seen diesel powered hatchbacks being extensively tested in India, only to be shelved later on. The Honda Brio and Nano Diesels are two such examples that come to mind. In light of these facts, the test mules of the Celerio Diesel do not confirm the car’s production readiness.

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