Maruti Suzuki Celerio X: What it’ll look like?

Maruti Suzuki has launched the new Celerio in the Indian market. This is the first time the hatchback has received a major update since it was first launched back in 2014. Maruti did introduce a Celerio X which was a more rugged-looking version of the regular Celerio. Here, we have a rendering of the new generation of  Celerio X.

The rendering has been done by SRK Designs and the video has been uploaded on YouTube. The artist has just rendered the front of the hatchback. The original Celerio X was also just a cosmetic upgrade over the regular Celerio. It was offered in more funky colours such as Orange, Blue, Brown, White and Grey.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio X: What it’ll look like?

The artist has rendered the new generation of Celerio X in a bright yellow colour. The front bumper is the same but the lower half is now finished in black and gets a faux skid plate. The chrome slat in the grille has been repainted to black. There is also black plastic cladding on the doors. The wheels are different and are finished in yellow colour to match the exterior. The rearview mirrors are finished in black colour. Overall, the rendered Celerio X looks more rugged than the regular Celerio.

This was the purpose of the Celerio X. It looked slightly more rugged and looked different from the regular Celerio. There were some minor tweaks to the interior too. It came with different seat upholstery and with coloured accents. This made the interior look different from other hatchbacks at that time. However, now many manufacturers are offering different accents and colour options of the interior.

There were no changes mechanical changes to the Celerio X. It is important to note that as of now, Maruti Suzuki has not announced the Celerio X officially. The rendering has been done based on the imagination of the artist.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio X: What it’ll look like?
Tata Tiago NRG

If Maruti Suzuki launches the Celerio X in the Indian market then it will directly compete against the Tata Tiago NRG as it is the only rugged-looking hatchback that is currently on sale in our country.

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio X: What it’ll look like?

The Celerio is now based on the Heartect platform. The exterior has been redesigned. It now gets new headlamps, tail lamps and body panels. It no longer has a tall boy design, 2021 Celerio looks more like a modern-day hatchback.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio X: What it’ll look like?

The interior has also been redesigned. There is a new dashboard design, upholstery and instrument cluster. You also get a 7-inch SmartPlay touchscreen infotainment system that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is also keyless entry, push-button to start/stop engine and much more.

It is now offered with a new 1.0-litre petrol engine only. It is capable of producing 65 hp of max power and 89 Nm of peak torque. It comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 5-speed AMT. Maruti Suzuki has announced that they will be launching the S-CNG variant of the Celerio in the upcoming months.

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