Maruti Suzuki Connect in new Baleno explained [Video]

The new Maruti Suzuki Baleno has arrived, and with it comes a whole new range of new features and updates for the premium hatchback. A big update in the new Baleno is the inclusion of Suzuki Connect as a standard feature, which was otherwise an optional add-on in the previous version of the car. A video on the YouTube channel of ‘MRD Cars’ explains many vital features and processes of the Suzuki Connect telematics system.

The video starts with the activation of the Suzuki Connect system in the smartphone of the presenter, who happens to be the owner of the new Baleno. A relationship manager from NEXA assists the presenter at the beginning of the process, who says that the activation process is done in the DMS software of Maruti Suzuki. Here, the basic details of the owner and car are filled in the DMS. Within the next 24 hours, the Suzuki Connect can be operated on the smartphone.

The next process is to download the Suzuki Connect app on your smartphone, in which you have to create a personal ID with a unique username and passcode, with which you can log in to the application. After logging in, the application asks for your confirmation to connect the system with the application through the last two digits of the VIN of the vehicle.

Suzuki Connect is the most advanced system

Maruti Suzuki Connect in new Baleno explained [Video]

Post this, you have to insert the complete VIN detail in the application. After these processes, the home screen of Suzuki Connect activates on the smartphone interface. The home screen of the Suzuki Connect in the smartphone shows a few details on display, such as range, fuel level, odometer, average speed and warning lights of AC, seat belt, low battery, lock/unlock and door open.

At the bottom of the screen, one can see four different icons. The first one is for the home screen, which navigates directly to the home screen from whichever screen you are engaged in. The next icon is for the current car location, which tells you the exact current location of the car, where it is parked or is in motion. This system works in sync with MapMyIndia. The third icon here is for ‘Trips’, which calculates and informs the complete trip information of your vehicle in two sub-sections, trip history and driving analysis.

Maruti Suzuki Connect in new Baleno explained [Video]

The fourth icon is for notifications, where you are notified on your smartphone of a host of alerts related to safety, security, monitory, convenience and app-related. While the Safety section includes notifications for an emergency, tow away, seat belt, breakdown and overspeeding, the Security section includes alerts for intrusion, geofence, safe time, valet alert and immobilizer.

Likewise, the Monitory section includes warnings for AC idling, trip start, trip end, low fuel and low range, while the Convenience section houses warnings for alarm, lead battery, headlights, hazard lights and lock the car. Lastly, the App related section includes the options for the server, contract and guest user.