Maruti Suzuki Driving School is revolutionizing how Indians learn car driving: We explain

Over 1.7 million students, 498 schools across 240 Indian cities, 1,500+ professional trainers and 17 years of operations.

Welcome to Maruti Suzuki Driving School (MSDS), India’s one of the biggest driving school chain. MSDS is unleashing a revolution across the car driving school landscape of India through a slew of innovative approaches. Here is a brief summary that explains why millions trust MSDS to take their car driving lessons.

Tech Enabled Learning 

Maruti Suzuki Driving School is revolutionizing how Indians learn car driving: We explain


We live in an era of technology, and Maruti Suzuki Driving School is right at the cutting edge of it. MSDS initially teaches students on a driving simulator which ensures they drive more confidently when they step out onto the real road.

Scientifically designed curriculum

MSDS offers a blend of theoretical, simulated and practical knowledge. At MSDS, learners begin with theory, familiarize themselves on the driving simulator, and then step into a real car and hit the road. This approach is holistic, and ensures that learning is quick, safe and fun.

Interactive Courses

Maruti Suzuki Driving School is revolutionizing how Indians learn car driving: We explain

MSDS tailors the courses based on the information provided by students while signing up. This is aimed at making learning effective and enriching yet fun. This strategy helps learners explore courses even before taking them up, and get a clearer picture about what they’re getting into.

Extensive driving school network

With over 498 driving schools spread across 240 cities, MSDS has got the most extensive driving school network. This gives learners access to a high-quality driving school experience across the country. Wherever you are in India, an MSDS driving school is just around the corner.

Well-trained instructors from Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR)

Learning to drive can be an unnerving experience if an instructor is unprofessional, and worse, if rude. To ensure that learners get a top-notch experience, MSDS has well-trained instructors from IDTR, who not only take a professional approach while training students but also have the requisite soft skills to make the learning process enjoyable.

Value Added Services

The driving school offers a range of value additions meant to make learning a lot more enriching. For instance, learners have the option of learning to drive in their own cars, thus familiarizing themselves with their cars. Learners also have the option of upgrading to higher variants of cars to learn with more advanced features, and car sizes. MSDS also assists learners in the process of procuring a driving licence post the course *.

* License assistance is subjected to RTO norms.

Valuable training on road behaviour, defensive driving

This is another aspect of driver training where MSDS goes the extra mile. At MSDS, learners aren’t just trained on driving a car but also given valuable training lessons on how traffic behaves on the road, and how they need to respond to different situations. Also, defensive driving is another key part of the course, and this helps learners stay safe on unpredictable roads.