Maruti Suzuki Ertiga driver deliberately blocks ambulance: Arrested [Video]

The Karnataka Police on Wednesday arrested a driver of a Maruti Suzuki Ertiga for deliberately blocking an ambulance on the highway. The incident took place on the National Highway 66 between Thokkottu to Pumpwell in the Dakshina Kannada district.

The accused, who has been identified as Charan (31 years old) works in the animation industry. The incident happened on Monday evening and the clip, which is recorded by the person present in the ambulance became viral on social media platforms too.

According to a senior police officer, around 5:30 PM an ambulance was ferrying a patient from Kanachur Hospital to Mangaluru. A car was blocking the path of the ambulance. The video was recorded on a mobile phone and soon it became viral on the Internet.

The station officer of Mangaluru Police registered a complaint at the traffic south police station. After the suo moto case under Section 279 of the Indian Penal Code for rash driving or riding improperly on a public way) and 194(E) of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 based on the viral video clippings.

Driver arrested

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga driver deliberately blocks ambulance: Arrested [Video]

According to Indian Express, the Mangaluru Police tracked the driver of the car and arrested him. The driver Charan confessed that he was driving the car when the incident happened. However, he could not give any reason for his actions that got recorded on camera.

Mangaluru City Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said,

“After we received the video clippings, we found the driver was obstructing the smooth movement of an emergency vehicle. He was also driving dangerously. Based on the registration number, we arrested Charan and he confessed that he was driving the car.  We are now investigating whether the accused was influenced by alcohol or any other drug,”

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga driver deliberately blocks ambulance: Arrested [Video]

Not giving way to emergency vehicles is a criminal offence

Not giving way to emergency vehicles is an offence in India and the culprits can be booked for the same. However, there are regular instances where motorists just try to go ahead of the emergency vehicles on the road which delays the emergency vehicle. The new MV Act has a provision to challan as much as Rs 10,000 on the violators who deliberately block the way of emergency vehicles.

Not giving way to such important vehicles can create dangerous situations for the people who are in need of them. While there are strict rules for giving way in the developed countries, in India, most motorists do not even follow the lane-driving rule. However, it is imperative to always be on alert and let emergency vehicles pass through whenever they are in the mirror with their siren and flashers switched on.

It is important to slow down and even stop the vehicle if needed to make way for emergency vehicles. Such vehicles include ambulances, fire engines, highway patrol vehicles and police vehicles. The attitude shown by the crowd in this video is exceptional and admirable. This is how the whole country and world should react to emergency vehicles.

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