Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: Tastefully modified examples

The Maruti Ertiga is one of the most practical cars that families can buy in India. This 7-seater car gets omitted from buying choices just because it does not look cool. But the MPV can look very cool even with a minor set of modifications. Here are some tastefully modified examples for inspiration.

Pete’s Ertiga

Pete's Ertiga 1

Pete’s work on MPVs too.Here’s an Ertiga that gets some Pete’s goodies Borbet alloy wheels improve the MPV’s exteriors dramatically while H&R coilovers give it a lowered stance. A roof rack from Thule points to the utilitarian nature of this beast. If you have an Ertiga Diesel, a tuning box or remap can make it faster too. This one sticks to cosmetic mods such as tinted headlamps and chrome parts.

Pete's Ertiga 2 Pete's Ertiga 3

Joker Inspired Ertiga

Ertiga Modified_1
The supervillain from DC Comic Batman has inspired this Ertiga to be dark and bold. The matte black paint finish with a red highlight on the logo makes the car very different. The car also gets the face of joker character played by Heath Ledger from the C-Pillar to the tail lamps of Ertiga. The popular phrase “Why So Serious” is also pasted on the side in red color

.Joker Ertiga

The popular phrase “Why So Serious” is also pasted on the side in red color. The car also gets aftermarket 17-inch alloy wheels with wider and low profile tyres.


While headlamps are smoked, the tail lamps get the LED treatment. The foglamps get LED daytime running light surrounds.


An Ertiga can look way more attractive with just a wide body kits. Here is an example by KIT UP!. The Coimbatore-based modifier has added a number of parts like side skirts, spoiler, DRL fog lamps, custom hood, new headlamps with dual tone finish and projector lights, painted tail-lamps and 18-inch alloy wheels with low profile tyres.

Kit-Up 2

The modifier has also replaced the front grille and added a chrome ring around. The white colored Ertiga looks much more appealing with the modifications in place.

Carisma Automodification

Carisma_Ertiga 1
This Ertiga has received quite a few add-ons to look more aggressive. It gets a wide-body kit along with carbon fiber printed hood. The alloys are glossy black 18-inch alloy wheels get a red ribbon boundary. The headlamps get Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) with smoke finish. The bumper also gets the new mesh and are painted in black. The rear gets modified tail lamps and 5Zigen muffler painted in gloss black.

Carisma_Ertiga 4

The engine well gets strut bar, a K&N air filter, HKS air compressor, and Apexi Intercooler.

Carisma_Ertiga 2

The interiors of the car gets a roof mounted DVD player with dedicated screen, new steering wheel, and various gauges to read out information like turbo pressure, engine oil temperature etc.

Transformer inspired Ertiga

The transformer is one movie based extensively on cars. This Ertiga modification echoes the looks of the cars that were featured in the flick. To start with the dark grey Ertiga now gets a matte black wrap on the hood that goes down till the lower lip of the bumper. A sticker denoting the logo of the movie has been placed on the hood in red color.


The lower lip of the bumper also gets red highlight along with the front grille. The Suzuki logo has been replaced with solid metal Transformer logo in same red theme. The front also gets LED bars in the lower space of the bumper.
On the side, the car gets Transformer name in an original font with the logo beside it. The 16-inch aftermarket alloy wheels are painted in black with a red highlight on the boundary of the wheels.


The rear three-quarter gets Transformer poster. The rear gets a new spoiler, and new tail lamps to complete the overall look of the car.

Comfortable Ertiga

While the most car modifications are limited to exterior looks, this one gets exterior modifications mashed up with a cosy interior.

On the outside, this Ertiga gets painted bumper lip that matches up the grille of the car. A black painted air intake on the hood makes the car look little over done but the red highlights on the rear are what takes most of the attention. The spoiler has been replaced with a larger one and has been painted in red. The lower part of the rear bumper has been modified to house two exhaust tips while the red paint on the exhaust housing adds to the oomph factor to the car. The car also gets white and red paint scheme on the alloys.

Inside, the second-row seats get a plusher set-up with comfortable seats while big speakers are added in the boot to fulfill music cravings.

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