Maruti Suzuki Fronx compared with Baleno at NEXA dealership [Video]

The official launch of Maruti Suzuki’s newest crossover, Fronx, the largest carmaker in the country, is just around the corner, and some dealerships across the country have started receiving it on their floors. As we are all aware, Maruti has created the Fronx using the same platform as its premium hatchback Baleno, making it all the sense in the world to compare both of these siblings side by side. And that is exactly what this YouTuber has done.

The video comparing the all-new Fronx with the Baleno has been uploaded on YouTube by Garage Reviews on their channel. The YouTuber starts with the introduction of both models inside the Nexa dealership. He mentions that the main point of making this video is to explain the market positioning of the new crossover Fronx from Maruti. He starts by saying that the Fronx is the model that has been created to cater to people who want something that has the looks, design, and feel of an SUV but is still small enough to maneuver around the city traffic. He adds that Maruti has launched the Fronx as an “Urban SUV.”

Following this, he starts the comparison between the two siblings. He begins at the front of the SUV and shows the fascia. The YouTuber states that the Fronx gets a more robust and larger front than the Baleno. He mentions that the Fronx gets a huge grille with chunky chrome elements in the middle, along with a split headlight and LED DRL setup, and the overall wider look of the Fronx looks more imposing. Following this, he shows the front of the Baleno and mentions that it looks small and gets a single headlight setup that comprises of both the projector light and the LED DRL.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx compared with Baleno at NEXA dealership [Video]

He also shares the dimensions of both cars, and it can be noted that both are almost the same size except for the height. Moving on, he then compares the side profiles of both cars and shows that the Fronx gets much bigger height than the Baleno. He mentions that the Fronx gets a much aggressive and SUVish looking rugged appearance with its chunky side claddings and silver skid plates on the sides. Meanwhile, the Baleno gets a simple hatchback styling with chrome treatment and body-colored side panels and no claddings.

The YouTuber then moves on to the rear profile of the car and shows the more sporty and aggressive look of the Fronx. He starts off with the connected LED taillight of the car and states that it looks amazing. He then shows the bumper of the car, where he highlights the presence of the faux skid plate and black cladding. Following this, he shows the rear of the Baleno and mentions that it looks a little plain and simple.

After this, he compares the interiors of both cars and mentions that there is not a huge difference in the interior design and layout of both cars. They both get the same infotainment screen, and all the features are shared in the top-spec trims of both cars. He then talks about the engines of the cars and mentions that the Fronx gets two engine options, of which the first is a 1.0 L turbocharged variant that produces around 99 bhp and 147.6 Nm of torque, and the other is a 1.2 L naturally aspirated engine that produces around 88 bhp, 90 and 113 Nm of torque. He mentions that the Baleno only gets the 1.2 L naturally powered train, and the same powertrain comes in the lower variants of the Fronx.