Maruti Suzuki Fronx Delta+ and Delta variants arrive at NEXA dealerships [Video]

The official launch and price reveal of Maruti Suzuki’s first-ever crossover SUV, Fronx, is just around the corner. For this reason, more and more variants of the car have also started reaching the dealerships. Recently, a few small video clips of the Fronx Delta+ and Delta variants have also surfaced online, showing how the models will look in real life. It is believed that the company will be launching the model at the end of this month.

The leaked video of the Fronx mid-spec variants has been shared by All About Cars on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the creator mentioning that the first model seen in the video is the Delta+ variant. It can be noted that the car is finished in a shade of white with black claddings and gloss black alloy wheels, the same as the Alpha variant. The creator adds that in the brighter white color, the car appears larger and looks like it has a dual-tone appearance because of the white body paint and black cladding paint.

Following this, he points out a few major differences between the higher-spec variants and the Delta+ variants. He adds that this variant will be missing out on a 360° reverse camera on the front. Furthermore, he added that apart from this, the car will get the same exterior elements, such as all-LED headlamps and chrome front grille, along with the same rear LED taillight design. The creator, however, added one important note that in the Delta+ variant, the rear connected taillamps will not glow, and only the LED taillamps at both ends will be working.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Delta+ and Delta variants arrive at NEXA dealerships [Video]

Following the exterior differences of the Delta+ variant, the creator of the video then shows a glimpse of the interior of the variant and mentions that one of the biggest drawbacks of this variant is its screen size. He states that in the Delta+ variant, the company will be offering only a 7-inch infotainment system, and the unappealing part of it will be the thick panel around the screen. The creator mentions that the company could have provided a thinner outer panel for the screen or could have finished it in a gloss black finish to make it feel a little more upmarket. He also adds that the company could have also offered the Delta+ variant with cruise control and rear AC vents.

Next up in the video, the presenter showcases a glimpse of the Delta variant of the Fronx. He states that this variant will not be offered with the three LED headlamp setup at the front, and the DRLs of this variant will also be halogen. Moving on, he stated that Maruti will not offer this variant with alloy wheels as well. Instead, it will be offered with black steel wheels. He added that apart from these differences, the Delta and Delta+ variants both will feature the same interior and features.

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