Maruti Suzuki Fronx Sigma base variant walkaround [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Sigma variant

Maruti Suzuki has recently revealed the pricing of their brand-new Fronx, and soon after the announcement, all the variants of the car started arriving at dealerships. A video walkaround showcasing all the details of the base Sigma variant has been shared on YouTube. In the video, the presenter shows the Fronx Sigma variant from the exterior and interior, providing all the details of on-road pricing and features. The video of the Fronx base variant has been shared by Power Racer on their channel.

The video starts with the presenter mentioning that so far, only the top-spec Alpha variants have been shown in all the online videos. Still, in this video, he will be showing the base Sigma variant of the car. He mentions that the on-road pricing of this exact car is in the Rs 9 lakh range. Following this, he shows the front fascia of the car and mentions that the company has offered the base variant with a projector headlamp setup. In place of the LED DRLs available in the top-spec model, this one comes with halogen lights and a turn indicator.

He then mentions that despite being the base model, it looks quite decent and still gets a ton of safety features. The car comes equipped with ABS, hill hold assist, ESP, and dual airbags. In the Zeta variant that sits just above this variant in the lineup, the number of features increases a little more. Following this, he shows the basic metal key of the car with lock and unlock buttons. He then also shows the 16-inch steel wheels with wheel covers and the side profile of the car and states that not many car makers offer the same wheel profile on the base and top-spec variants.

The presenter then mentions that the base-spec variant on the side does not get body-colored door handles and wing mirrors. Instead, they come in black plastic, and there are no silver elements on the sides like the top-spec variants. Following this, he then shows the rear end of the vehicle and mentions that it does get LED taillamps but does not get the connected LED strip in the middle.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Sigma base variant walkaround [Video]

After showing the exterior, the presenter moves on to the interior of the car and shows the car from the inside. He first touches all the materials on the door and dashboard and mentions that Maruti has improved the quality by a lot and offers the car with good materials. He then states that the base-spec Sigma variant misses out on the infotainment system but manages to get the automatic climate control system. He adds that the instrument cluster is the same as the Baleno premium hatchback.

The presenter then moves to the front of the car and opens the bonnet. He states that the base model comes equipped with the brand’s tried and tested 1.2 L K series 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine that churns out 90 bhp and 113 Nm of torque. He adds that according to Maruti Suzuki, the engine offers 20 kmpl and in real-life driving conditions, it will be able to offer around 18-19 kmpl.