Maruti Suzuki Fronx street presence and featured compared with Grand Vitara [Video]

The soon-to-be-launched Maruti Suzuki crossover, the Fronx, is currently the hot topic in the automotive market, and everybody is excited to see the car hit the streets. As the days of its official launch are nearing, we are seeing more of the car in the flesh, and it’s getting compared to some of its other popular siblings. Recently, we showed you a video of the new Fronx beside the all-new Brezza. Well, now we have a video of the Fronx being compared to its eldest sibling, the Grand Vitara, the vehicle from which it takes much of its design inspiration.

The video of the all-new Fronx side by side with the mid-size Grand Vitara has been uploaded on YouTube by Anubhav Chauhan on their channel. The video starts with the presenter in front of both cars, where he mentions that in this video, he will be telling the differences between the Fronx and the Grand Vitara. He first states that the Grand Vitara is the bigger of both SUVs in all dimensions. He then explains that with the Grand Vitara, customers can get both the All-Grip powertrain and the Strong Hybrid powertrain as well, but with the Fronx, only the Smart Hybrid powertrain is available.

Next, he mentions that both cars at the front get dual-function LED DRLs, which also act as turn signal indicators. We can also note that the Fronx, although getting a similar facia, gets a different design on the grille. It misses out on the chrome surrounds that the Grand Vitara gets. Apart from that, both miss out on fog lamps, and instead, the Fronx gets reflector-based LED headlamps, and the Grand Vitara gets a projector-based headlight set-up. Furthermore, the presenter adds that both SUVs get a 360-degree camera and look very similar to each other.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx street presence and featured compared with Grand Vitara [Video]

He then shows the side profiles of the cars and points out that both cars come with chrome elements on the window sills, and both get request sensors on the front doors. Following this, he shows the alloy wheels of the cars and mentions that the Grand Vitara gets 17-inch diamond-cut alloys, while the Fronx gets slightly less wide and smaller 16-inch diamond-cut alloys with a different design. The presenter also states that the Grand Vitara gets a panoramic sunroof, whereas the Fronx misses out on this creature comfort.

He then moves to the rear of the car and shows that both SUVs come with rear wipers, washers, and defoggers, and both get connected LED taillamp setups. Following this, he sits inside the Grand Vitara and shows the interior of the SUV. He states that this is the top-spec variant of the non-hybrid lineup and gets the Suzuki All-Grip Pro system.

The presenter then shows the various controls of the car and mentions that both the Grand Vitara and Fronx get the same touchscreen infotainment system, but the Fronx does not have controls for the All-Grip Pro system. Following this, he sits inside the Fronx, adjusts the driver’s seat according to his 6 feet height, and then sits in the seat behind the driver to measure the knee room. He states that the knee room is ample, and the legroom is also good. He then points out other few differences of both SUVs.