Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Black Edition in a walkaround video

The color black was one of those colors that were not so popular in the country a few years ago because of the high maintenance and upkeep. Although in recent years, the color has gained a lot more popularity and a ton of companies have now started offering Black Editions of their popular models. One of the latest companies to start offering the black-colored variants of its cars is the country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Most recently a video review of the Black Edition of the company’s flagship SUV the Grand Vitara was uploaded on YouTube.

The video was uploaded by Fuel Injected on their channel. The video starts with the presenter introducing the new Black Edition of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara. He starts off by saying that he has already made the video and Grand Vitara but if there is any question on why it is being done again then the answer is that its the Zeta variant and even better than that is this is the unique black color of the car.

He first starts with the pricing of the SUV and tells that the Grand Vitara starts at Rs 10.45 (ex-showroom) and goes all the way up to Rs 19.65 (ex-showroom). He then adds that the most unique part about this Zeta variant Grand Vitara is its color which was previously not available in the city which he resides. He then shows the front end of the car and tells that the model gets a very upmarket look and in his opinion looks much better than the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Black Edition in a walkaround video

The vlogger shows the front grille of the car and tells that from the outside nobody would be able to tell that the model is mid level trim. He adds that the lower sections of the front bumper and side claddings are the only way people can differentiate between the top and Zeta variant. He then opens the bonnet of the car and shows the 1.5L naturally aspirated petrol engine of the car. Following this he shows the side profile of the car and then goes behind to show the rear of the car. He states that the connected LED taillamps looks very beautiful on the Grand Vitara.

He then shows the interior of the car and for that he shows the boot the car and tells that because it is the naturally aspirated model and it does not get the battery back the rear boot is much larger. He hops on to the rear seat of the car and tells that there is ample space. He then opens the middle cup holder and armrest and adds that it could have been better without the unnecessary sling. Following this he shows the dashboard and the layout of the center console he also shows the seats of the front and comments that the company could have offered automatic seats for the price that they are charging. He then tells about all the infotainment features and safety features of the car.

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