Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara converted into Grand Ryder [Video]

Maruti Suzuki’s newest flagship mid-size SUV Grand Vitara has gained a ton of popularity in just a short span of time in the market in India. One thing that has become common with this new SUV is that people are now getting the less expensive variant and are modifying them to make them look like the top-spec variant. Some people are now also opting for special aftermarket packages for the Grand Vitara that gets them all the modifications done in one place at a time. In this latest video, another Grand Vitara has been converted into a Grand Ryder.

The video of the modification of the Grand Vitara into Grand Ryder has been uploaded on YouTube by Vig Auto Accessories. The video begins with the owner of the shop revealing that the car has come to their shop from Hyderabad. He revealed that the owner of the car had started getting work done from another shop in Hyderabad and had gotten new alloy wheels but for some reason, he felt that the car had something missing in it in terms of satisfaction. The presenter then stated that the owner saw videos of their Grand Ryder and wanted to make his Grand Vitara just like the one in the video which is why he decided to bring his car to the shop.

The presenter then starts with the list of modifications done to the car. He starts off by stating that the biggest change that has been made in terms of the exterior looks is the addition of 18-inch alloy wheels. He states that the customer previously had the same factory looking 17-inch alloy wheels but he did not like the look and wanted it to have a more distinct look. This is when he got the new CRETON diamond cut alloy wheels with new tyres. The presenter then stated that they have also added Garware high gloss paint protection film on the top half of the car to make it look unique. He also stated that they have added high gloss black ppf to mirrors as well. Also the car has been tinted with Wecool window tints.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara converted into Grand Ryder [Video]

He then shows the interior of the car where reveals that they have given the car their signature Cognac interior treatment. In this interior upholstery change they have added Cognac colored seat covers to the car with quilted diamond stitching. Furthermore, the door cards of the car also get the same leather wrapping. He adds that they have also painted the window switch control panels black as well. He then hops on to the front seat of the car.

The presenter their shows that car also gets same leather wrapping on the dashboard as well. Additionally they have also added piano black paint to all the elements of the dashboard to make them look consistent. He also reveals that they have changed the steering wheel of the car as well. The presenter further shows the newly added 10.38-inch infotainment screen as well. He states that this is an updated unit and gets 360 camera support, sim card slot and also additional output ports.

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