Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Ignis, Baleno, XL6, Ciaz Black Edition launched

Following the success of black edition cars in the offerings of Tata Motors, Hyundai and Jeep, Maruti Suzuki is now offering its version of the same with the new ‘Black Edition’ series for all the Nexa products. Maruti Suzuki has announced that it will be offering the Pearl Midnight Black colour option in all five offerings of Nexa, including Ignis, Baleno, Ciaz, XL6 and Grand Vitara.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Ignis, Baleno, XL6, Ciaz Black Edition launched

It should be noted that the Pearl Midnight Black colour option was already available across all the variants of Ciaz since its debut. However, this colour option was not available in the other four offerings from Nexa, the premium chain of dealer outlets of Maruti Suzuki. Before the arrival of Black Edition, the closest dark shade to black offered by Nexa for its cars was Grandeur Grey. Currently, all the offerings from Nexa, except the Ignis, are offered with the Grandeur Grey colour option as well.

Black Edition available with all the variants

The Black Edition of Nexa cars from Maruti Suzuki will be available in selective variants of all five cars. For Ignis, Baleno and Ciaz, the Black Edition will be available in both manual and automatic Zeta and Alpha variants. In the XL6, the Black Edition is being offered in Alpha and Alpha+ variants, while the same will be offered in Zeta, Alpha, Zeta+ and Alpha+ variants of the Grand Vitara.

Before the arrival of Black Edition, the Nexa Blue colour was, and still is, offered as the signature shade of all the offerings from Nexa. Maruti Suzuki is yet to announce the prices of the Black Edition of all the cars, which is expected to be the same as the rest of the colour options offered in all the cars. In addition, it is only the exterior paint scheme which will be offered in the Black Edition of these cars, unlike the ‘Dark Edition’ offered by Tata Motors for its SUVs, in which the interior is offered in an all-black theme.

In addition to launching the Black Edition, Maruti Suzuki has also offered a range of ‘limited edition’ packages for all of its offerings, which include add-on exterior and interior accessories. It is the last update or launch done by Maruti Suzuki before it heads to the upcoming Auto Expo 2023, where it is expected to showcase a slew of offerings. Maruti Suzuki’s stage at the Auto Expo 2023 will be glorified by the presence of an all-electric SUV concept, along with the first public appearances of its upcoming offerings like the Baleno Cross and five-door Jimny.

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