Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Sigma (base) Vs Alpha Plus (top): Rs 9 lakh difference

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is the latest offering from the Indian brand and it sure has attracted a lot of attention. The all-new Grand Vitara is also the first Maruti Suzuki car to offer a strong hybrid powertrain. Maruti Suzuki also offers a mild hybrid version of the Grand Vitara, which creates a massive price differnce between the base and the top-end variants of the mid-size SUV. Here is a video that compares the base variant of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara that gets a price tag of Rs 10.45 lakh to the top-end variant, which costs Rs 19.65 lakh.

Powertrain differences

The all-new Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara offers two engine options. The Intelligent Electric Hybrid trim gets a 1.5-litre self-charging strong hybrid powertrain. There are four different modes available with this variant – EV, Eco, Power and Normal. Maruti Suzuki claims that this variant offers best-in-class fuel efficiency of 27.97 km/l. It will offer only an e-CVT.

The progressive Smart Hybrid trim also gets the 1.5-litre engine with but features like brake energy regeneration, torque assist, and idle start-stop. It is the mild-hybrid version but has improved over the previous offerings. According to the official data, the Progressive Smart Hybrid trim returns a maximum fuel efficiency of 21.11 km/l. The mild-hybrid system offers a five-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic.

The base variant of the car does not offer a strong hybrid powertrain. The top-end variant offers the strong-hybrid system.

Exterior feature and visual differences

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Sigma (base) Vs Alpha Plus (top): Rs 9 lakh difference

The base Sigma variant of the Maruti Suzuki offers halogen headlamps while the top-end Alpha Plus variant offers all-LED set-up. Also, the strong hybrid variants only offer dark chrome while the mild hybrid powertrain only offers regular chrome. The top-end variant offers 360 degree camera while the base variant does not even offer a reverse camera.

Both the variants offer 17-inch wheels. The base variant offers steel rims while the top-end Alpha Plus variant offers diamond cut alloy wheels. More visual differenciators include matte finish body cladding around thw wheel arches on the base variant while the top-end version gets a gloss finish. The small differences make the Grand Vitara Alpha Plus look quite premium.

The top-end Alpha Plus variant also offers UV Cut glass that get a green tint while the base variant gets a regular transparant glass. You can also spot chrome lining, roof rails and panoramic on the top-end variant. These features are absent from the base variant.

The rear of both the variants look almost the same. However, the top-end variants get rear wiper and the colour of the bumper insert is darker.

Cabin differences

The first major difference is the space inside the cabin. Since the Strong Hybrid (Alpha Plus) variant gets larger battery packs that are installed in the boot space. With the battery packs, the boot space shrinks to 265 litres compared to 373 litres available on the mild hybrid variant.

The base variant offers fabric seats with three headrests and rear AC vent. The top-end Sigma variant offers leatherette seats, foldabale armrest, leather door trims and two charging ports.

The dashboard of the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Sigma (base) variant, gets a dual-tone finish. There is engine start-stop button, the instrument cluster gets a monochorme display and two analogue dials. The steering is adjustable telescopically and for height. The climate control system is fully automatic.

The Alpha Plus gets ventiallted seats, a coloured 9.0-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, HUD, six airbags, fully digital instrument system, cruise control, auto-dimming IRVM and more such premium features.

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