India’s first Maruti Suzuki Ignis AMT with CNG [Video]

Fuel prices have recently increased quite a bit in our country. Due to this, people have started considering alternative fuel options such as CNG. Maruti Suzuki offers factory-fitted CNG variants of some of their vehicles and they have performed well in the market. However, still, no manufacturer offers an automatic gearbox vehicle that is powered by CNG. You can get the convenience of driving an automatic transmission with the fuel efficiency of CNG. Well, here is a Maruti Suzuki Ignis AMT that has been fitted with an after-market CNG.

The video has been uploaded by AutoHunters India. The Ignis that we see in the video has already covered 6,000 km and the host says that they have faced no issues till now. However, the main question lies about how much fuel efficiency the Ignis AMT with CNG delivers and he also tests if the vehicle is more economical than a motorcycle. He will be driving the Ignis for 70 km in city.

The host refills the CNG tank and he resets the trip meters of the vehicle. He also resets a couple of other things like average speed and driving time. He sets the air conditioning on level one for this journey and it will stay on throughout the trip.

India’s first Maruti Suzuki Ignis AMT with CNG [Video]

After 13 km, the average speed is 29 kmph while he has been driving for 30 minutes. After 25 km, the average speed has been increased to 35 kmph while the vehicle has been driving for 43 minutes. The host also says that he has faced some traffic in the city.

He thinks the power from the engine is ample even when running on CNG for commuting. You will feel that the engine runs out of breath when you try to take the engine to its redline. He also likes the refinement and the way the engine delivers its power. The engine feels peppy enough for the weight of the Ignis.

India’s first Maruti Suzuki Ignis AMT with CNG [Video]

The steering is light and makes it easy to manoeuvre the vehicle. The gearbox is not the smoothest but it is one of the most affordable AMT that you can get in the market. So, the host is happy with it. Also, he says that Maruti Suzuki’s engines have always responded well when they are being powered by CNG. So, the engine has been pretty reliable.

After covering 50 km, the average speed fell to 29 kmph and the vehicle is being driven for the past 1 hour 45 minutes. Finally, the host goes to the same CNG pump where first refilled the CNG tank. The vehicle has covered a total of 70.5 km and the average speed of the vehicle was 30 kmph. He drove the vehicle for 2 hours 22 minutes.

The CNG tank took 2.68 kgs of CNG. So, when divided 70.5 with 2.68, the Ignis returned 26.3 km per kg. So, it costs Rs. 1.7 per km. He thinks if the traffic was high then also the vehicle would have returned around 22 to 23 km per kg. On average, the Ignis AMT with CNG returns 22 km to 25 km per kg in cities. When compared to 150 cc to 200 cc motorcycles, the running costs are similar but you get better comfort, air conditioning and safety when you travel inside a four-wheeled vehicle.