Maruti Suzuki Invicto teaser shows changes over the Toyota Innova Hycross

Maruti Suzuki will bring the new MPV Invicto to the Indian market on 5th July. While essentially it is a rebranded Toyota Innova Hycross, a new teaser video of the car shows the changes the Maruti Suzuki car gets over the Toyota Innova Hycross.

The new teaser of a few seconds show the cabin of the upcoming Invicto. The Maruti Suzuki MPV will get a different front-end including a new grille. the teaser shows the chrome strip that runs across the width of the front-end and connect the headlamps. The design seems very much inspired by the Grand Vitara compact SUV. Previously leaked pictures also the updated bumpers and dual-tone alloy wheels.

The overall cabin layout of the upcoming Maruti Suzuki Invicto is similar to the Toyota Innova Hycross. However, as the teaser shows, the cabin gets a new colour theme. The Invicto will come with a black and gold theme. The dashboard gets more shiny parts compared to the Innova. Check out our Maruti Invicto Knowledge Hub

Hybrid only powertrain

Maruti Suzuki Invicto teaser shows changes over the Toyota Innova Hycross
Maruti Suzuki Invicto render

The Maruti Suzuki Invicto will feature a robust 2.0-liter strong hybrid powertrain, which combines a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle petrol engine with an e-CVT gearbox. This powertrain configuration delivers an impressive maximum power output of 184 bhp. Notably, the Invicto will be the first Maruti Suzuki vehicle to offer only an automatic transmission, as it aims to provide a seamless driving experience.

Positioned as Maruti Suzuki’s flagship model within its current lineup, the Invicto will be available exclusively through the NEXA chain of outlets. Positioned above the Grand Vitara, it will continue the strong hybrid revolution initiated by its predecessor. While the specific variant lineup for the Invicto has not been disclosed yet, it is expected to be offered in the Alpha Plus variant, which will share similar equipment levels with the ZX(O) variant of the Innova Hycross.

Maruti Suzuki – Toyota cars

In addition, the Invicto marks a significant milestone as the first Maruti Suzuki product derived from a Toyota vehicle. Previously, Toyota had introduced products based on Maruti Suzuki offerings, such as the Glanza, Urban Cruiser, and Urban Cruiser Hyryder. As the Invicto is based on a Toyota product, it is anticipated to carry a premium price compared to the Innova Hycross. The top-spec Alpha Plus variant is expected to be priced between Rs 30.5-31.5 lakh. For reference, the current price of the Innova Hycross ZX(O) is Rs 29.99 lakh.

Priced competitively, the Maruti Suzuki Invicto will enter the market to compete against prominent rivals, including the Toyota Innova Hycross, Hyundai Alcazar, Mahindra XUV700, and MG Hector Plus. These seven-seater SUVs and MPVs offer a range of options for customers seeking spacious and versatile vehicles.

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