Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door with custom Marlboro wrap render

For a long time, tobacco companies remained associated with racing teams around the world. One of these associations was the Marlboro-Ferrari group, which has created an iconic livery. While tobacco advertising is now banned, there are still many who fantasize and wrap their vehicles with these iconic liveries.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door with custom Marlboro wrap render

This Maruti Suzuki Jimny five-door gets the Marlboro wrap digitally by Alpha Renders. The Jimny five-door gets a lot of modifications as well. While there are many owners who have already modified their vehicles in different iterations, we have yet to see such a modification job in real life.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door with custom Marlboro wrap render

The modification job includes the addition of rally-spec lights to the roof of the car. There are two new LED lightbars mounted to the bumper and the grille of the vehicle as well. The car also gets an aftermarket bumper, which is an off-road complaint. Such bumpers are made out of metal and ensure that they are not damaged by extreme off-roading.

Even the tyres of the vehicle are off-road spec. We see the deep dish alloy wheels with tyre beadings that ensure that the tyres do not come off the wheels when they are run on low air pressure. Off-roading vehicles often reduce the tyre pressure to increase the surface area contact and the traction.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door with custom Marlboro wrap render

The rear also gets the aftermarket bumper. The biggest change that lifts the whole look of the car remains the Marlboro wrap on the vehicle. The wrap makes the Jimny stand out and it will definitely attract a lot of eyes on the roads. While there are no such wraps on the Jimny five-door yet, there are a few three-door variants of the Jimny with the Marlboro wrap.

Can you make such changes to your car?

Making such changes to your vehicle does not void the warranty and ensures that the car’s warranty remains unaffected. Installing aftermarket accessories and making electrical modifications may lead the manufacturer to void the warranty. However, there are ways to give your car a distinct look while keeping the warranty intact.

Recent times have seen Indian authorities taking vehicle modifications seriously. While there isn’t a specific law addressing vehicle wraps, regulations do exist about altering the original color of the vehicle. Changing the original or stock color of a vehicle is considered illegal in India. However, in most states and union territories, law enforcement doesn’t typically stop vehicles with different colored wraps. If you have any personal experiences, we’d appreciate you sharing them with us.

To play it safe, it’s advisable to choose a wrap color that matches the stock color of the vehicle. Alternatively, you can inquire with local authorities such as the RTO about the rules and obtain written confirmation. Wraps offer a creative way to customize your vehicle, provided they adhere to legal regulations.

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