Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Baleno Cross SUVs to be priced under Rs. 10 lakh

For more than four decades Maruti Suzuki has been the country’s top automaker and as of November 2022, it has a market share of a staggering 41.30%. Although despite having this amount of share in the market the company is still aiming to further increase its presence. According to recent reports, the company will be pricing its highly anticipated forthcoming SUVs the Jimny five-door and Baleno Cross under Rs 10 lakh to lure in more buyers.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Baleno Cross SUVs to be priced under Rs. 10 lakh


Reportedly Maruti Suzuki India Limited is aiming to position these SUVs as its volume gainers in the SUV segment which it plans to conquer next. Previously it was reported that Maruti is aiming to produce around 5000-6000 units of the five-door Jimny once it is launched in the country. Most likely the launch of the Jimny five-door and the Baleno Cross (YTB) will take place at the upcoming Auto Expo 2023.

Currently, the company has 2 SUVs in its portfolio – the compact SUV Grand Vitara and the sub-compact SUV Brezza both of which were launched this year. Since their launches, they both have also been well received and have helped Maruti in gaining a 10.4% SUV segment market share.

According to sources, Maruti Suzuki is gearing upto produce a record number of vehicles in the FY24. Reportedly it is aiming to produce around 2.5 million units of automobiles in FY24. And to accomplish this target in due time the company has recently informed its vendors to be ready to provide the required components. As per the sources the company is looking to produce around 7,50,000 SUVs in the country which will include the forthcoming YTB Baleno Cross and five door Jimny.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Baleno Cross SUVs to be priced under Rs. 10 lakh

In other Maruti Suzuki news, recently it was reported that the company could be naming the upcoming the YTB Baleno Cross – Flash or Blaze upon launch. As mentioned above, the company will be pulling the sheets of this crossover at the Auto Expo 2023.

It has also been rumored that the Flash/Blaze would come with an optional AWD system.  The All-Grip AWD or all-wheel drive technology will be adopted directly from the Grand Vitara, the newly introduced flagship SUV. The same system is used in Toyota’s version of the Grand Vitara, the Urban Cruiser Hyryder.

It is to be noted that if Maruti does provide this AWD, it will make the YTB the cheapest AWD vehicle in the country. It is to be noted that it will be an all-wheel drive system not a proper low-range 4×4 system that it will most likely provide in the five door Jimny that is also inbound.

For those unaware about the Baleno Cross, it will be a crossover SUV based on the Baleno platform but it will be heavily inspired by the company’s flagship SUV the Grand Vitara. In terms of the powertrain, as of now nothing has been confirmed but it has been speculated that the company could utilize the 1.2 litre, 4-cylinder K12C petrol engine that powers the Baleno that currently produces 88 Bhp and 113 Nm. Alternatively it could also get a 1-liter, 3-cylinder, 110 Bhp–170 Nm turbo petrol engine as well.