Maruti Jimny Tastefully Modified Into Mercedes G63 AMG [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Jimny to G-wagen

Even before Maruti Suzuki launched the Jimny in India, automotive enthusiasts across the country already imported ‘Jimny to Mercedes Benz G63 AMG’ conversion kits. Soon after the deliveries, we started seeing a number of Jimny to G-Wagen conversions. Now, recently, another one such tastefully converted Jimny was shared online. This particular car gets a lovely red color and massive 20-inch alloy wheels.

This video of the Maruti Suzuki Jimny conversion into a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG has come courtesy of The Car Show. It starts with the presenter showing this particular car at a Nexa dealership. He states that this particular conversion is based on the top-spec Alpha variant of the Jimny.

Front end conversion

Maruti Jimny Tastefully Modified Into Mercedes G63 AMG [Video]

Following the introduction, he starts showing the front end changes done on this SUV. It can be noted that the entire front end of this SUV has been swapped with aftermarket body parts. The main highlight is the Mercedes AMG-styled front grille.

Apart from this, the headlights also look like the ones that come on the real G-Wagen. Most likely, these are aftermarket headlights. Next up, it can also be observed that the bonnet has been changed along with the front fenders. It also gets top-mounted LED turn indicators as well.

Another one of the major highlights of this particular Jimny is its roof-mounted lights. The presenter states that in Chandigarh, these lights have to be kept covered. The owners are only allowed to use them while off-roading. This particular LED light bar element has been taken from the Brabus G-Wagen.

Side profile

Maruti Jimny Tastefully Modified Into Mercedes G63 AMG [Video]

Next, the presenter shows the side profile of this particular SUV. On the side, the show is stolen by the massive 20-inch alloy wheels. The host mentions that he thinks that these are real Mercedes Benz G63 AMG alloy wheels. However, we believe that these are aftermarket alloy wheels.

The primary reason is that the original Mercedes Benz G-Wagen alloy wheels would cost a fortune. After the wheels, the presenter shows the original G-Wagen inspired ORVMs and side fender.

Rear end changes

Maruti Jimny Tastefully Modified Into Mercedes G63 AMG [Video]

Coming to the rear, we can note the addition of a brand-new bumper. This new bumper also houses the newly updated aftermarket LED taillights. Apart from this, the SUV also gets a Brabus-styled rear spoiler as well.

Interior modifications

Maruti Jimny Tastefully Modified Into Mercedes G63 AMG [Video]

After showing the complete exterior, the vlogger shows the modified interior of this Jimny. He first opens up the rear door of the SUV. It then reveals the completely transformed interior. This particular car has been given a black and white interior theme.

The first thing the presenter shows is the newly painted door panels. He mentions that they have been painted to match the white leather seat covers. Apart from this, he shows the rear seats with black and white leather covers and Brabus “B” emblems on the headrests.

Maruti Jimny Tastefully Modified Into Mercedes G63 AMG [Video]

Next up, he moves to the front of the Jimny. He states that the owner has also added leather seat wrapping on the steering wheel along with the front seats. In addition, the car also gets ambient lighting, aftermarket armrest, and a few other minor modifications.