Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with 22 inch wheels: Public reaction [video]

Maruti Jimny is currently the talk of the town. Deliveries for this 5-door 4×4 SUV have started, and people have also begun sharing videos related to it. As Jimny was already available in the international market, people were already aware that it is a capable SUV with a lot of modification potential. Just weeks after the launch, we have started seeing modifications on the Maruti Jimny. One of the first modifications that most Jimny owners are going for is aftermarket wheels. Many feel that the stock 15-inch units are not sufficient and are opting for bigger-sized tyres. Here, we have a video where a brand new Jimny has been modified with massive 22-inch alloy wheels. Let’s see how the public reacted to the car after the modification.

The video has been uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445 on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks to the owner of the Jimny, who brought the SUV to the workshop to install aftermarket alloy wheels. The car looks brand new, and the owner mentions that he got the car a couple of days after making the booking. He opted for the Kinetic Yellow shade, which looks great on the SUV. This is the top-end manual version with a dual-tone paint job. Just like many others, the owner of this SUV also wanted his Jimny to look different. To achieve that unique look, he decided to go for 22-inch aftermarket gloss black alloy wheels with low-profile tyres.

The owner can be heard saying that they first installed 20-inch wheels but were not satisfied. This vlogger claims that this is the first Jimny in Delhi NCR to get 22-inch wheels. Even the spare wheel on this Jimny is a 22-inch unit. The owner spent around Rs 2 lakh just for the alloy wheels. This is the amount he had to pay after exchanging the stock wheels. While the wheels were being installed, the Jimny attracted a couple of visitors at the shop. They were drawn to the bright paint job, and after seeing the large 22-inch wheels, they were actually impressed. They felt that the new wheels completely changed the look of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny modified with 22 inch wheels: Public reaction
Jimny with 22 inch wheels

One visitor even said that he saw a stock Jimny in the same color a few minutes ago and felt that the wheels were not large enough. However, this Jimny looks different and will attract a lot of attention on the road. The owner was getting a couple of more jobs done on the Jimny, like upgrading the audio system and installing G-Wagen-like lights. Those modifications are not clearly seen in the video. The 22-inch wheels do create a problem. They rub against the front bumper when turning the car around. A simple solution to that is cutting or shaping the bumper to avoid this.

Usually, when larger-sized wheels are installed on a vehicle, it is recommended to go for a lift kit too. This would completely eliminate the problem of the tyres rubbing against the bumper and claddings. After installation, the owner took the SUV for a ride through the market area, and people were definitely looking at the car. The bright color and large wheels were definitely making heads turn. Such modifications do affect the handling and ride quality of the vehicle, and the off-road capability of the Jimny is also affected due to these wheels and tyres.