Maruti Suzuki Jimny SUVs lifted with 31-inch tires and off-road alloy wheels have great street presence [Video]

The newest lifestyle off-roader, Maruti Suzuki Jimny, has proven itself as one of the most capable off-roaders in the country. Due to this, a ton of hardcore off-road enthusiasts have bought this SUV and are now modifying it to create the ultimate off-road monster. Recently, another new video featuring two Jimnys fitted with massive 31-inch tires has been shared online. Both of these Jimnys have also been equipped with beautiful-looking off-road-specific alloy wheels.

The video of the two Maruti Suzuki Jimnys with 31-inch tires has been shared on YouTube by TreadTrails on their channel. The video begins with the presenter mentioning that these two are the newest Jimnys that have been modified by them. He then mentions the names of the owners of these SUVs and discusses a little bit about the color of the bright yellow Jimny. He suggests that, in his opinion, it is the best color available for the new Jimny. He adds that this color makes the small SUV stand out in the crowd.

Following this introduction, the presenter delves into the main content of the video. He starts by explaining that as everyone is aware, the Ironman lift kits are currently unavailable in the market. The presenter adds that they are expected to become available in a couple of weeks, but due to the excitement, people have already purchased wheels and tires for their cars. He mentions that the same applies to the owners of these two Jimnys. He then provides a disclaimer that whatever modifications they have made to these cars for lifting are not recommended and should not be attempted.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny SUVs lifted with 31-inch tires and off-road alloy wheels have great street presence [Video]

The presenter in the video mentions that they have made these modifications because the owners of both of these cars do not use them as their primary vehicles. These modifications have been done solely to see and understand how the new wheels and tires will look with Ironman lift kits. He reveals that to achieve this lift, they have added 2.5-inch spacers to the front suspension springs and 2-inch spacers to the rear suspension springs. He explains that for the front, they have added a 1.8-inch rubber spacer at the bottom of the spring and a 0.5-inch spacer at the top.

Following this explanation, the presenter once again emphasizes that this type of lift is not recommended by them and should not be used for road driving. He highlights that the cars are currently missing steering stabilizers, and their caster angles are not correct. He advises against driving this setup on roads because the absence of a steering stabilizer can lead to a severe case of death wobble, especially at higher speeds. He adds that solid axle vehicles with such large tires and wheel setups are prone to death wobble, and without the stabilizer, it becomes even more unsafe.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny SUVs lifted with 31-inch tires and off-road alloy wheels have great street presence [Video]

After the disclaimer, the presenter proceeds to explain the modifications made to the Jimny on the right. He clarifies that although both sets of tires may seem similar on both cars, they are actually different. Both are BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tires, but the ones on the grey Jimny are 31-inch tires wrapped around classy yet sturdy 27-inch Fuel alloy wheels finished in a remarkable shade of bronze with a bead lock pattern. He mentions that to fit these tires into the stock wheel well, the front and rear portions of the fenders have been altered. The presenter also mentions that metal bumpers for these cars are on their way.

Next, he showcases the wheel and tire setup on the neon green Jimny. He starts by explaining that they have equipped this Jimny with a set of 15-inch American Racing alloy wheels, and these wheels have been fitted with 31-inch BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tires. He points out that while the grey Jimny has 31.5-inch tires, the green one has exactly 31-inch tires. He proceeds to show that the grey Jimny has factory-fitted trim on the door, which the green one misses out on. Finally, he demonstrates that in the rear, the grey Jimny comes with factory mud flaps that are being affected by these oversized tires, so they will be removing them.

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