Maruti Suzuki Jimny at Nexa dealership: Here is a walkaround video of the SUV

One of the biggest hits of this year so far – the lifestyle off-roader Jimny five-door from the country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India Limited has started arriving at the Nexa dealerships across the country. The model has seen a surge in bookings and a ton of people are excited to see the SUV in the flesh. Recently a video walkaround of a top-spec Jimny was shared on the internet and the SUV is shown up close in great detail.

The video of the Jimny at a Nexa dealership has been shared on YouTube by Raahee on their channel. The YouTuber starts the video with a brief walkaround of the SUV at the showroom and shares the B-roll footage showing all the highlights. Following this, he starts off at the front fascia of the car and shares his opinion that the front looks very beautiful and gets some amazing-looking chrome slats. He also mentions that there is a projector headlamp that is 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter and there is one feature that only expensive cars get. The feature he talks about is the headlight washer. Today not a whole lot of budget cars come with this feature.

He then shows the rugged front bumper with fog lamps as well. Moving on he shows the side profile of the car and he starts of with the chunky looking 15-inch alloy wheels. The YouTuber mentions that the car although boasts a boxy look is a little smaller in height and people with more height will have some problems and will have to bow down to enter the car. The presenter mentions that the car gets a wheelbase of 2590 mm. He then moves to the rear of the car and shows that the rear door also gets a request sensor as well. He also shows that the car gets a decent amount of boot space.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny at Nexa dealership: Here is a walkaround video of the SUV

Following this the presenter showcases the rear bumper of the car and shows that the car gets rear parking sensors in a unique place. He then enters the car and showcases the dashboard of the Jimny. Along with the YouTuber there were a few more people that were sitting in the cars in the rear seats. He then asks them about their opinion on the car to which they reply that the car is although very good it is still not that practical. The YouTuber asks the rear passengers for their review on the legroom and under thigh support to which they reply that it feels a little cramped. However despite this the rear passenger mentions that he will be purchasing the car as his lifestyle car.

The presenter then shows the instrumentation of the car and shows the various switches on the dashboard and on the driver side footwell. He then himself sit in the rear seat of the car and tells that it will be comfortable for three smaller individuals but three people with a little more height and weight will not be able to sit comfortably. Finally he shows the engine compartment of the car and mentions that the it will come powered by Maruti Suzuki’s 1500 cc K series engine and will produce around 103 bhp.


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