Maruti Suzuki Jimny Zeta variant in-depth walkaround – Is it better value for money? [Video]

Maruti Suzuki’s highly anticipated launch of the Jimny five-door variant in India has ignited excitement among auto enthusiasts. Combining rugged off-road capabilities with urban sophistication, the Jimny promises to take adventure-seekers to new heights. Recently, a video showcasing the base Zeta variant of this eagerly awaited SUV surfaced online. The video, featuring an in-depth walkaround of the newly launched Jimny’s base Zeta variant, was shared on YouTube by The Car Show on their channel.

The video begins with the presenter mentioning that this could be the first video on YouTube showcasing the base Zeta variant of the Jimny five-door. He starts by introducing the Jimny, mentioning that the particular car being showcased is finished in black. He states that although the Zeta variant starts at Rs 12.74 lakh, this specific car is priced at Rs 13.96 lakh due to being equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

After the introduction, the presenter notes that the base Zeta variant lacks several features compared to the top-of-the-line Alpha variant. He points out that the Zeta variant lacks LED headlamps, instead opting for halogen headlamps. He further adds that it does not have fog lamps on the front bumper and is also missing the headlight washer system. Despite this, the presenter mentions that the rest of the front fascia retains the same appearance as the top-spec model, with chrome accents surrounding the grille slots.

Moving on, the presenter shows the side profile of the car and states that the model does not come with gunmetal-colored alloy wheels like the top model; instead, it is equipped with 15-inch steel wheels. He mentions that the car has disc brakes at the front wheels, while the rear has drum brakes. The presenter then proceeds to the rear of the SUV, highlighting the presence of halogen lights for the reverse and brake lights. Additionally, a rear view camera is positioned just above the rear number plate.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny Zeta variant in-depth walkaround – Is it better value for money? [Video]

He proceeds to open the rear door of the Jimny, revealing the boot lamp on the left side, and mentions that the car has a 50-50 rear seat split. The presenter then showcases the interior of the SUV, including the car keys. He states that it still uses the same old Maruti key with lock and unlock buttons for the doors, while keyless entry and startup functions are available with the Alpha variant. The presenter proceeds to display the instrument cluster and the dashboard layout of the car.

Following this, he mentions that the Zeta variant is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment screen, in contrast to the 9-inch screen in the top model. He adds that this system supports wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay, and also features vehicle telematics. He then demonstrates the manual AC controls and the buttons for hill descent control, traction control, and the front window controls.

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