Maruti Suzuki To Launch 4 New Electric Vehicles In India: Details

2024 Maruti Suzuki evx

Electric vehicles over the last few years have become a lot more mainstream. Car buyers in India have slowly started accepting them, and now the demand for EVs is increasing day by day. So, in order to bank on this growing EV demand and to increase its already huge market share in the country, Maruti Suzuki India Limited is getting ready. Reports have revealed that the company is working on the development of four new electric vehicles, and the interesting part is that all four of them are SUVs.

Maruti Suzuki eVX

Maruti Suzuki To Launch 4 New Electric Vehicles In India: Details

The first all-electric SUV or the first all-electric vehicle in general from the brand will be the soon-to-be-launched eVX electric SUV. The company will be taking the covers off of the eVX electric SUV around December of this year. It has been reported that the company will be offering their first-ever electric SUV with two battery pack options.

The first will be a 48 kWh unit for the lower trim versions, and the other will be a 60 kWh unit for the top-spec variants. It has also been reported that it will get features like a large infotainment screen, a 360-degree camera, ADAS, and more. The SUV is estimated to be priced at around Rs 23 lakh and above, and once launched, it will be competing against the likes of the Hyundai Creta EV and Tata Harrier EV.

Maruti Suzuki 7-seater EV SUV

Maruti Suzuki To Launch 4 New Electric Vehicles In India: Details

Next up on the launch roster of Maruti Suzuki India Limited in terms of electric SUVs will be a brand-new 7-seater electric SUV. As per the reports, the company will be launching this model around March of 2025, which is exactly a year away. At the moment, the exact details about the powertrain and battery pack options have not been revealed.

However, our guess is that it could be based on the eVX. It could also be based on the seven-seater Grand Vitara, which most likely will be launched around the end of this year. Also, it could utilize the same battery packs as the eVX. However, nothing can be said with 100 percent certainty at this point.

Maruti Suzuki mini EV

Maruti Suzuki To Launch 4 New Electric Vehicles In India: Details

Following the launch of the seven-seater EV SUV, the company will be launching a small EV. Most likely, this small EV will be competing with the likes of the Tata Tiago EV and Citroen eC3 in India. As for the launch, the company is looking to launch this mini EV around May of 2026.

It has been reported that Maruti Suzuki has developed an all-new EV architecture for this vehicle as well as others and has codenamed it K-EV. At this moment, the exact powertrain specifications for this mini EV along with details of its design have been kept closely guarded. However, most likely in the upcoming months, we could see the company rolling out its test mules in the country.

Maruti Suzuki electric MPV

Maruti Suzuki To Launch 4 New Electric Vehicles In India: Details


Finally, in October of 2026, Maruti Suzuki will be launching an all-electric MPV. The special part about this MPV is that it will be based on the brand’s first electric SUV eVX. This means that it will be utilizing the same architecture and also the same electric motors and battery packs.

As mentioned, the eVX will be offered with two different battery packs – a 48 kWh and a 60 kWh. The maximum driving range offered with the 69 kWh battery pack variants will be around 500-550 km in a single full charge. So we can expect this upcoming EV MPV to offer the same.