Maruti Suzuki Omni converted into a gangster pick-up

For decades, the Maruti Suzuki Omni has served as a rugged and reliable people-mover and goods-carrier, especially for self-employed people and people operating small businesses. Thanks to its bare-bones engineering, the Omni was available at a very affordable price point, which made it one of the highest-selling models from Maruti Suzuki in India.


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Over the years, it also become a hot favourite among car modifiers, especially among the ones in South India. Here, we present to you one of such crazily-modified Maruti Suzuki Omnis – ‘Winter Micro Truck’.

This low-stance ‘Winter Micro Truck’ is essentially based on the facelifted version of the Omni which was introduced in 1998. However, it looks nothing like the original version which has sliding doors for the rear cabin.

This Omni is a brainchild of Kerala-based auto-enthusiast Nithin Chacko, who prepared this heavily-modified Omni all by himself. He claims that this Omni is India’s first low-stance micro-truck, which is visible by the way this Omni looks.

Winter micro truck


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This particular ‘Winter Micro Truck’ began its life as a maroon-coloured eight-seater version of the Omni. The modification process started with the complete removal of the rear cabin, which accommodates the rear seats and sliding doors.

All these panels and bits were removed and replaced by a flatbed comprising nothing but a sheet of cardboard. The back door was also cut into halved and blended with the flatbed design while housing the license plate. The open portion behind the seats is also covered by a fibre panel, which goes well with the flatbed cover.

The front metal bar-like bumper of this Omni was then replaced by a chunkier and wider front bumper, which looks like a modified version of the front bumper of the facelifted Tata Nano with a U-shaped air dam.

The entire vehicle was then given a fresh new paint job, which has white as the primary colour, along with a combination of red, light blue and dark blue in bits and parts around the profile. The headlamps too receive a green-coloured tint, making this Omni look like a wild beast.

The stock wheels and tyres of the vehicle got replaced by a fresh set of white-coloured wheels – alloys at the front and steel units at the rear – with lower-profile bigger tyres. And finally, this Omni receives a lowered suspension kit, which gives it a nice-looking lowered stance with minimal ground clearance. Nithin has introduced this particular change to make it adaptable to drift tasks, which he proclaims through the ‘Drift’ graphics on the door panels of this Omni. Nithin has also uploaded a few pictures and videos of himself drifting this ‘Winter Micro Truck’ on closed fields.

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