Maruti Suzuki it seems, is plotting a sub-Ertiga compact MPV for the Indian car market. The WagonR seven seat concept, first showcased at the 2013 Indonesia International Motor Show, is the vehicle that could sit under the Ertiga in terms of price and positioning, as a low cost MPV to rival the Datsun Go+, which will be launched in India next year.

The WagonR seven seat concept has a production future with Indonesia being the first car market in the world to receive this vehicle. India could be next, with a possible late-2016 launch time frame. The code-name for Maruti Suzuki’s low cost MPV goes by YJC. Other details remain sketchy for now.

Now, assuming that it is the WagonR Three Rows concept that Maruti Suzuki is planning to put into production, as a low cost MPV for the Indian car market, the vehicle could pack in a no less than three fuel options – petrol, LPG and CNG. A 5 speed manual and automated manual transmission options will be standard equipment.

If Maruti Suzuki manages to successfully market the Celerio Diesel in India, the low cost, 800 cc twin cylinder diesel engine could also land up in the WagonR 7 seater’s engine bay. With such a potent engine arsenal, the WagonR 7 seater has the potential of storming the market in India, especially considering the excellent image that the 5 seat WagonR already possesses.

The Indian car market is close to reaching a tipping point. Yearly volumes are at nearly 2 million units and the next five years are projected to see these volumes expand to five million units a year. After that India’s car market may just take off, similar to what China has experienced through a car boom. In times like these, low cost people mover options such as the 7 seat WagonR could be lapped up by eager masses, as the country finds itself on the fast track to four wheeled motorization.

Via TheEconomicTimes with image courtesy DapurPacu


  1. Even though I dont think that we would be having a lot of buyers for this vehicle from the family car buyers, I do see a lot of demand for it from the Taxi operators.
    The 800cc,twin cylinder would be very fuel efficient, though its driving comfort and refinement are yet to be seen and verified.
    But still, I believe, for the family car segment, they would have to come up with the 1.3 multijet engine in either the 75ps or the 90ps tune, as thats a much better and refined engine.
    I guess, this car would be great if given with multiple engine options of the 800cc in the lower versions and the 1.3multijet for the higher versions.

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