Maruti Suzuki announces price hikes on Vitara Brezza, WagonR, Dzire & other cars

Maruti Suzuki India has announced a price increase across its model line-up. The price increment happened due to the rising input costs. All the vehicles booked after April 16, 2021, will be included in the price hike.

All the Maruti Suzuki cars including the ones sold in the Arena and the Nexa network have received the price hike. In the Arena, Maruti Suzuki S-Presso has received the least hike with a Rs 7,000 increase in the price. Whereas the Ertiga CNG has received the highest price hike of Rs 22,500. Below is the detailed price hike information of every Maruti Suzuki Arena model.


Previous Pricing


Updated Pricing




Rs 2.99 lakh to Rs 4.48 lakh

Rs 2.99 lakh to Rs 4.60 lakh

Rs 12,000


Rs 3.71 lakh to Rs 5.19 lakh

Rs 3.78 lakh to Rs 5.26 lakh

Rs 7,000


Rs 4.65 lakh to Rs 6.18 lakh

Rs 4.80 lakh to Rs 6.33 lakh

Rs 15,000


Rs 4.53 lakh to Rs 5.78 lakh

Rs 4.65 lakh to Rs 5.90 lakh

Rs 12,000

Celerio X

Rs 4.99 lakh to Rs 5.79 lakh

Rs 5.11 lakh to Rs 5.91 lakh

Rs 12,000

Swift (New)

Rs 5.73 lakh to Rs 8.27 lakh

Rs 5.73 lakh to Rs 8.27 lakh

No change


Rs 5.94 lakh to Rs 8.90 lakh

Rs 5.98 lakh to Rs 9.02 lakh

Up To Rs 12,000


Rs 7.69 lakh to Rs 10.47 lakh

Rs 7.81 lakh to Rs 10.59 lakh

Up To Rs 22,500

Vitara Brezza

Rs 7.39 lakh to Rs 11.20 lakh

Rs 7.51 lakh to Rs 11.25 lakh

Up To Rs 12,000


Rs 3.97 lakh to Rs 5.18 lakh

Rs 4.08 lakh to Rs 5.29 lakh

Rs 11,000

Maruti Suzuki has increased the prices of all the models except for the base version of the Alto. Also, Maruti Suzuki did not revise the price of the newly launched Maruti Suzuki Swift, which received a new powerful engine.

Even the Maruti Suzuki Nexa line-up has received an increase in price. The price increment varies from Rs 6,000 to Rs 20,000. The least increment is of the Maruti Suzuki Ignis, which is now Rs 6,000 dearer across the variants. The high-end Zeta variant of the Ignis has received a hike of Rs 14,000. The Maruti Suzuki has also increased the price of Baleno by Rs 20,000 but the prices of the hybrid variant remain unchanged. The price of the S-Cross also remains unchanged.


Previous Pricing


Updated Pricing




Rs 4.89 lakh to Rs 7.30 lakh

Rs 4.95 lakh to Rs 7.36 lakh

Up To Rs 14,000


Rs 5.90 lakh to Rs 9.10 lakh

Rs 5.98 lakh to Rs 9.30 lakh

Up To Rs 20,000


Rs 8.42 lakh to Rs 11.33 lakh

Rs 8.52 lakh to Rs 11.50 lakh

Up To Rs 17,000


Rs 8.39 lakh to Rs 12.39 lakh

Rs 8.39 lakh to Rs 12.39 lakh

No change.


Rs 9.84 lakh to Rs 11.61 lakh

Rs 9.94 lakh to Rs 11.73 lakh

Up To Rs 12,000

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the updated Swift in the Indian market with a more powerful engine. The brand plans to launch a slew of all-new cars in the Indian market including the five-door version of the Jimny. Maruti Suzuki also plans to launch a mid-size SUV to take on the likes of the Creta and the Seltos.