Maruti Suzuki Ritz versus Ford Figo – which is for you?

Compact diesel cars are fast becoming the preferred mode of transport for buyers across the country. For a lot of people it often boils down to a choice between the Ford Figo and the Maruti Suzuki Ritz. So which one of these two should you buy? We help you decide.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz versus Ford Figo – which is for you?

Now the Ritz has the Swift for a sibling and although the Swift is the market leader the Ritz is the better a ‘value for money’ car simply because of what it offers for its price.

The Ford Figo too is one of the top-selling diesel hatchbacks in India. With its competitive pricing, impressive features and fuel efficient engine, it is hard to ignore the Figo when you are planning to buy a diesel small car. Here, we compare the top-end diesel variants of the Figo and the Ritz to see which one is more value for money.

Driving and handling

The Figo diesel is powered by a 1.4-litre Duratorq motor that puts out 68 bhp of power and 160 Nm of torque. The Ritz on the other hand is powered by a 1.3-litre DDiS motor that puts out 75 bhp of power and 190 Nm of torque.

The Ritz has more power and torque than the Figo and accelerates faster. Moreover it also has good top-end performance which is needed on the highways. But, the Ritz has a mild turbo lag which is where the Figo scores. Hence, for driving within the city both the Figo and the Ritz are equally good.

When it comes to handling, the Figo has a clear edge over the Ritz. This is because the Figo has a well sorted, comforting suspension and a stiff chassis that helps in controlling body roll significantly. The hydraulic power steering gives excellent feedback and braking in the Figo is also impressive. On the other hand, the Ritz, due to its tall boy design has a bit of body roll when compared to the Figo. Summing up, the Ritz performs better than the Figo on paper but the Figo diesel is a more fun to drive car.

Space and comfort

The Figo is longer than the Ritz by 80 mm while the Ritz is taller than the Figo by 193 mm. This translates to slightly better legroom, especially for rear passengers in the Figo and more headroom for passengers in the Ritz. So it’s the question of what you would prefer having at your disposal; more space for your legs or more space for your head. If you are not unusually tall, the Figo has reasonable headroom as well.

The boot space of the Ritz is 178 litres which is lesser than the Figo’s 284 litres. But in terms of comfort, the Ritz offers slightly more than the Figo as its seats are set high. This means getting in and out of the Ritz is pretty easy. However, the Ritz has limited space in the rear and can seat two at the best. The rear seat of the Figo is wider and can accommodate three people. Overall, the Figo has an advantage over the Ritz in terms of space and comfort.


The Figo is built on an old platform and hence, looks a bit dated. The Ritz with the short overhang at the front looks compact. However, its rear design with the boomerang tail lamps and radical hatch design may turn down a few buyers. Though looks are subjective, we feel, the old and conventional design of the Figo is more appealing.


We compare the features of Figo 1.4 Duratorq Titanium with the Ritz VDI. In terms of safety, both cars have engine immobilizer, ABS with EBD, central locking. However, the Figo has dual airbags not offered in the Ritz.

In terms of gadgets, the Figo comes with MP3 player with aux-in and radio, four speakers, Bluetooth and audio streaming features which are not offered in the Ritz. In terms of comfort features, both cars have AC, power steering, driver seat height adjust and keyless entry. However, the Ritz comes with steering mounted audio controls not found in the Figo. Summing up, the Figo has more safety and comfort features than the Ritz.

Price, mileage and overall VFM

The Figo 1.4 Duratorq Titanium is priced at Rs. 5.94 lakh which is Rs. 21,000 more than the Ritz VDI (ABS) priced at Rs. 5.73 lakh. However, the Figo comes with more features such as airbags and audio system with Bluetooth.

With regard to ARAI-certified fuel economy, the Ritz (21 kmpl) is slightly more fuel efficient than the Figo (20 kmpl). Overall, the Figo is hard to beat since it has all the necessary features and comes with an aggressive price. The Ritz is slightly cheaper but has crucial features such as airbags missing.

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The Ritz is a good choice as it comes with a fuel-efficient engine and strong top-end performance. However, the fact that the Figo comes with more features for a less price and is more fun to drive, makes it our winner in this comparison!