Maruti S-Cross driver FINED for ‘not wearing a helmet’: Starts using helmet while driving in protest

With the new MV Act implemented in almost all the states and union territories of India, there are numerous news reports involving heavy fines on the roads. Well, a man from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, who was driving his Maruti Suzuki S-Cross received an electronic fine from the police for not wearing a helmet. Piyush Varshney, received the challan on 27th August, which is before the implementation of the new MV Act.

After the cops issued the e-challan to Piyush, he has now regularly started wearing a helmet whenever he’s driving the vehicle around. He received the challan of Rs 500, which was issued using the old rules of MV Act. It is not known if Piyush has already paid the fine.

Talking to ANI, Piyush said that he now wears the helmet daily while driving his car due to the fear of getting a fine again. The challan received by Piyush has his vehicle number in place but the image of the car is missing. Instead, there is a picture of a two-wheeler with helmetless riders. Nonetheless, now that the news has become viral on the Internet, the Police authorities have said that they are investigating the matter and will check if Piyush has been issued a wrong fine. They have also said that they will cancel the fine if needed.

Maruti S-Cross driver FINED for ‘not wearing a helmet’: Starts using helmet while driving in protest

The police have also said that such wrong fines can happen due to the wrong entry of the reason by the operator issuing the fine. However, it should be noted that in a similar case, a car driver received a fine for not wearing a helmet and later a scooter was found using a fake number plate, which matches the car’s registration number. In the past, there have been many similar cases where car drivers have been wrongly issued fines for not wearing a helmet. In a few cases, cops have even issued on-spot fines to the car driver for not wearing a helmet.

That’s not it. Last year, a motorcycle rider in Goa was issued a fine for not wearing a seatbelt. It was an on-spot challan by the traffic police officers and the picture of the challan receipt became viral on the Internet.

With the new MV Act in place, which has increased the fines to the highest ever in the history of India, a lot of absurdly large amounts of fine have come into the light. The move has been done to ensure road safety and make sure that people follow the rules properly. The Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world and the new fines will ensure that people do not break the law because of the fear of high fine amounts.

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