Now get SmartPlay even in base variants of Maruti Suzuki cars: Here’s how

Almost all cars sold in the country now come equipped with a touchscreen infotainment system on their higher variants. Even sub-5 lakh hatchbacks now offer touchscreen infotainment on their top-end variants. However, a lot of people still own cars that don’t come with touch infotainment systems or buy the lower variants of the car of their choice which unfortunately does not offer a touch infotainment system. While many go for aftermarket fitments to get an infotainment system, Maruti Suzuki has now come up with an alternative in the form of the Smartplay Dock.

Mobile Smart Play Studio

To be more precise, the Smartplay Dock is a mobile application of the same name that can transform your phone to act as the infotainment of your car. It is a simple, quick and safe way to access smartphone functionality when inside a car. To let you know, using a phone while behind the wheel is an offence according to our laws. However, fixing the phone on a phone mount and using it for navigation among other uses are allowed. The Smartplay Dock app is available for download on both the Playstore as well as the Apple App Store.

When installed, the Smartplay Dock app transforms your smartphone into a full-fledged touch screen infotainment device. It can be mounted on a specialised mounting dock that can be positioned where usually infotainments are found, that is, on the mid dashboard area. The app allows you to play your favourite music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or 3rd party apps. The playback is controlled by simple gestures that are pretty easy to understand. Moreover, audio can be played from multiple media sources such as AM, FM, USB, Aux, BT, iPod.

Apart from music, the app also allows the user to make and receive calls, handle active calls and swap between multiple calls with ease. One can even comfortably read SMS/WhatsApp messages and even send template replies safely. The functionality offers intuitive one-touch access and encourages a safer communication. There is an Assist feature that displays vehicular information and regular alerts about the car. This includes information and warning about fuel economy and driving range, Door Open, Low Fuel, Seat Belt Open, and Parking Brake Engaged.

The Smartplay Dock App also supports Google Maps and hence displays fast and accurate directions along with nearby fuel pump and parking spot locations. Voice command support is also present and this helps to keep your hands off the steering wheel and your eyes on the road. It is a good feature for those who don’t have touchscreen infotainment on their Maruti cars and don’t want to shell much on it.