Drifting Maruti Suzuki Swift dressed as Santa Clause wishes Merry Christmas

Swift Christmas

Oliver Amon, a popular drift car driver from Hungary has put quite a few exceptional videos of Maruti Suzuki Swift in the past. He even made a video where he can be seen racing the Maruti Suzuki Swift against the ATVs on a mud-track. Well, on Christmas Eve, there is a new video in which the Maruti Suzuki Swift is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Professional drift car driver, Oliver can be seen inside the Swift watching an old video of the previous-generation Swift going around on a snow track. He then starts his all-new Swift and goes bonkers around the track. Oliver can be seen driving the vehicle on thick snow. The red-coloured Swift has been decorated with a number of props to make it look like a Santa Clause. The hatchback gets LED stripes across the body on the contours. It also carries a Christmas tree on the roof.

Drifting Maruti Suzuki Swift dressed as Santa Clause wishes Merry Christmas

The Swift can be seen drifting in the snow with great control and the driver has done a phenomenal job of ensuring that the vehicle remains in control, no matter what. The all-new Swift can be seen jumping, drifting, sliding and having all the fun in the snow. It should be noted that this is an international version of the Swift and is quite different from the Indian model

The video was shot in Hungary and even though the car looks identical to the Indian model, there are quite a few differences. In Hungary, the Swift gets two engine options and both of them are petrol engines. There are a 1.2-litre DualJet and a 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine. The DualJet version of the engine produces a maximum power of 88.5 Bhp while the turbocharged 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine that generates a maximum of 110 Bhp and 170 Nm. It should be noted that Suzuki offers an AllGrip AWD option in the Swift in the Hungarian market. The amount of snowfall in the country makes the AWD a necessity and quite popular. Almost all the cars sold in the country offer an AWD option because of the weather conditions in the country.

Even the features of the Swift in Hungary is different from the Indian model. It gets 6 airbags, while the Indian version only gets two. There is also the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) feature in the Hungarian Swift, which is not available even as an option in the Indian market. However, ESP ensures that the vehicle stays on its course and does not slide sideways. This feature makes it even more difficult to slide the Swift. But the driver and his team have removed the fuse of the ESP, which has disabled the system. In a few high-end cars, ESP can be disengaged through buttons inside the cabin but there is no such option in the Maruti Suzuki Swift.